STEMCO is changing the game for wheel ends again! The Auto-Torq axle fastener is designed to streamline wheel end installation by eliminating the need for complex processes and specialty tools—no washers, clips, snap rings, screws, or keepers needed. An all-in-one solution that’s compatible with any industry hub manufacturer, Auto-Torq securely applies the optimum clamp load […]

Discover <sup>®</sup> XR

Voyager Wheel Seal

Made with a high-quality temperature-resistant material and featuring multi-labyrinth sealing for long-life applications, these high-performance seals have been equipped with the patented GlideLock™ technology to deliver the most advanced wheel seal available. Watch the announcement video here.

STEMCO Vehicle Technology<sup>™</sup>

STEMCO Vehicle Technology (SVT™) products maximize available information allowing fleet managers to make smart decisions that simplify maintenance procedures and improve overall fleet safety.   Synchronize data across multiple users, retain historical records, log fuel and fluid consumption, and program your mileage reader all from your smartphone. SVT is capable of providing mileage data more […]

WebPortal SVT™

Web Portal SVT

Web portal to track vehicle mileage and fuel for fleet maintenance and/or lease mileage billing. As an enterprise wide solution, it includes capability for multiple terminal locations, vehicle assignments by terminal, report downloads, maintenance email alerts, years of historical readings and much more. *Subscription fee is required

DataTrac<sup>®</sup> SVT™ – Field Programmable

DataTrac SVT

The DataTrac SVT Electronic Mileage Sensor is a sensor that wirelessly provides vehicle odometer readings within +/-2% accuracy. It is programmable to fit virtually all tire sizes, contains no moving parts for high reliability, is smaller and lighter than other hubo solutions and is easy to install. The DataTrac SVT is offered in two versions: […]

GateReader SVT™

Gate Reader SVT

The new GateReader SVT helps automate and manage mileage information to improve fleet operations. With its wireless data collection system, it sends information automatically to the WebPortal SVT, giving you easier access to fleet data than ever before. *Subscription to WebPortal SVT Required

ESP and ESP Plus Hub Cap Plugs

ESP and ESP Plus Hub Cap Plugs

ESP and ESP Plus are STEMCO’s top-of-the-line hub cap plug solutions—protecting lubricant integrity by preventing moisture and other contaminants from entering the hub assembly. Featuring an advanced design and innovative shielding, ESP and ESP Plus are simple, yet vital, ways to maintain wheel end safety.

Solid Aluminum Hub Caps

hub cap

To further support grease wheel ends, STEMCO developed the 352 series Solid Aluminum hub caps with a duckbill vent inserted in the face of a solid hub cap.

Traditional Aluminum Hub Caps

a hub cap

The traditional aluminum series 340 and 343 provide durability with the trademark red plug to allow venting of the hub cap. Using cast aluminum for constructing the hub cap body prevents warpage and provides superior durability and heat-dissipation properties. The trucking industry recognizes STEMCO hub caps as the benchmark.

QwikeXtract<sup>®</sup> System

Qwikextract system

Designed by mechanics, for mechanics, the all-new STEMCO QwikeXtract® king pin removal system combines the speed and safety of a self-aligning, powerful removal press with a mobile wheel-end cart. The self-aligning system keeps the push rods lined up with the king pin for the fastest, most effective king pin removal in the industry.