Discover ® XR

Made with a high-quality temperature-resistant material and featuring multi-labyrinth sealing for long-life applications, these high-performance seals have been equipped with the patented GlideLock™ technology to deliver the most advanced wheel seal available.

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With the patented GlideLock technology that eliminates installation issues by reducing installation force by 50% with no prelube required, Discover XR seals’ piloted entry allows an easy and square installation every time—addressing the industry’s leading seal failure modes, cocked seals and excessive heat generation. The ridged double wall steel case is the impact point for the tool head, maintaining the seal’s internal geometries.

The Discover XR seal consists of a bonded, ribbed rubber OD and ID for easier removal without special tools, yet STEMCO’s patented “SMART” anti-rotation features ensure positive positioning and locking of the seal to the spindle.

The premium sealing element is protected by a four-zone labyrinth that provides unmatched contaminant exclusion and performance.

Install the Discover XR seal with STEMCO’s other premium wheel end components to experience the Platinum Performance System™. This system combines the Discover XR or Guardian® HP seal, the Pro-Torq® or Zip-Torq® nut, and the Sentinel® hub cap for a three-year warranty. Discover XR is the only seal that is in the Trifecta® unitized hub systems.

  1. Four-zone labyrinth provides unmatched contaminant exclusion
  2. Bonded rubber OD offers easy installation with piloted entry
  3. Rugged, modular design avoids installation damage
  4. GlideLock™
  5. High temperature elastomeric co-polymer sealing element incorporating hydrodynamic pumping features
  6. Slinger
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STEMCO Discover XR Sell Sheet
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