Wheel End System Solutions

Platinum Performance System

On their own, STEMCO® wheel end components are among the lightest, most durable and highest performing in the industry. Bundled together in a Platinum Performance System™, they work together to create the most reliable and efficient wheel end systems possible. With up to 7-year warranties, Platinum Performance Systems provide unrivaled confidence and peace of mind.

Wheel End Parts

Compatible PPS Products

Guardian® HP Wheel Seals

  • Developed for extra protection and greater sealing
  • Rubber outer diameter allows for faster hub cleaning with less corrosion damage to the hub
  • Installation directly on the axle, rather than the hub bore, ensures positive alignment every time

Discover® Wheel Seals

  • Increases the performance expectations of wheel ends
  • Maintains the lubricant’s integrity to lengthen the life of the seal
  • Ensures complete confidence during the installation stage
  • Reduces removal time and effort without special tools or adjacent component damage

Pro-Torq® Axle Spindle Nuts

  • Longer tread life: saves tires, wheels track truer
  • Extends wheel seal and bearing service
  • Improves ABS

Zip-Torq® Axle Spindle Nuts

  • Simplified and fully unitized design
  • Locking features prevent backoff
  • No clips, keepers, snap rings or screws to install

STEMCO Heavy Duty Bearings

  • Tapered roller, clutch release, and radial ball bearings
  • Individual cups and cones, and STEMCO manufactured matched bearing sets
  • Long life warranty: STEMCO PPS and PPS+

STEMCO Hub Cap with Plug

  • Warranty coverage available for any STEMCO Hub Cap with Sentinel, ESP, or ESP Plus plug technology
  • Product- and application-specific technology designed to eliminate contaminants and extend wheel end life
  • Cast aluminum to dissipate heat
  • Oil, semi-fluid grease, and hard-pack grease hub caps to meet performance, design and price requirements of today's fleets worldwide
  • Full-line coverage for trailer and tractor applications

Aftermarket Packages

STEMCO’s Aftermarket Platinum Performance System solutions are an integrated system of wheel end products and performance. With the Platinum Performance System™, extend wheel end coverage to a two-, three-, or five-year limited warranty for tractors and trailers.

Additional Warranty Coverage

Discover or Guardian HP: 2 Year Parts Warranty
Truck Applications: 5 Year/500,000 Mile Parts & Labor Warranty
Trailer Applications: 5 Year/Unlimited Mileage Parts & Labor Warranty

OEM Packages

The unprecedented performance of these STEMCO Platinum Performance System Plus solutions will lower maintenance costs by reducing down-time and protecting wheel end components. With the Platinum Performance System Plus solutions, wheel end coverage is parts and labor for 5 years/500,000 miles on truck applications and 7 years/unlimited miles on trailer applications.

Additional Warranty Coverage

Truck Applications: 5 Year/500,000 Mile Parts & Labor Warranty
Trailer Applications: 7 Year/Unlimited Mileage Parts & Labor Warranty


STEMCO is pleased to announce the addition of labor warranty to our 5-year Platinum Performance System aftermarket package. Register your fleet with the Register button on the right to take advantage of the 5-year aftermarket parts and labor warranty on your Platinum Performance System.
STEMCO is proud to continue offering 5- or 7-year OEM coverage including parts and labor depending on the application.

Exceptional reliability means trucks spend more time on the road and less in the shop. Trifecta’s quick installation allows vehicles
to get back on the road with reduced labor costs.

Extended service life and warranty coverage reduce life-of-equipment costs.

Reduced maintenance and industry-leading warranties all lead to greater profit potential.

Labor warranty coverage up to 1-hr per wheel end for the PPS+ Aftermarket package for installations occurring after January 1, 2021.

An extension of the OEM Platinum Performance System Plus (PPS+) to cover truck applications for 5 years and trailer applications for 7 years

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