QwikKit<sup>®</sup> King Pin Installation Training Instructions

Step 1 Determine if the Vehicle Needs King Pins Attach magnetic mounted dial indicator to the top of the axle with the dial indicator resting on the spindle eye to check horizontal movement. With the wheel end and tire intact, place a pry bar under the tire and pry the tire up and down while […]

Guidelines for QWIKTIE<sup>®</sup> Tie Rod Assembly

Designed to increase simplicity and safety, the STEMCO QWIKTIE tie rod assembly offers a highly adaptable solution that can accommodate a wide range of straight tie rod lengths. Universal for over 80% of the tie rod lengths and styles on the market, QWIKTIE features different color attributes for easy identification and accurate installation. The purpose […]

QwikeXtract<sup>®</sup> System

Qwikextract system

Designed by mechanics, for mechanics, the all-new STEMCO QwikeXtract® king pin removal system combines the speed and safety of a self-aligning, powerful removal press with a mobile wheel-end cart. The self-aligning system keeps the push rods lined up with the king pin for the fastest, most effective king pin removal in the industry.

Axle Pro Equipment™

Axel Pro Equipment

Only the STEMCO® Axle Pro Equipment™ (APE) package offers everything needed to enhance worn axle eyes. This revolutionary piece of equipment comes with mounting brackets, a magnetic-based drill, coolant and safety equipment. When looking for an affordable, simple and quick way to enhance worn axle eyes, choose the STEMCO APE.

QWIKTIE™ Tie Rod Assembly

Qwiktie Tire Rod

Designed to increase simplicity and safety. STEMCO® QWIKTIE® tie rod assembly offers a highly adaptable solution that can accommodate a wide range of straight tie rod lengths.

King Pin Tools

King Pin Spring Pin Bushing Tools

Precision tooling that makes installation reliable, quick, and easy. Our King Pin Tools are proudly made in the USA and are simpler to install than other products on the market.

ECONO KIT™ King Pin Kit

King Pin Kit

STEMCO has been offering a standard ream king pin kit for years, yet many customers appreciate the ream fit option. This kit continues to provide a conservative value option for our customer.

PlusKit<sup>®</sup> King Pin Kit

King Pin Kit

STEMCO Kaiser Plus Kit® has been the premium “no-ream” bi-metal king pin kit. The included pre-sized bi-metal bronze bushings provide the same fit as a tightly reamed king pin installation. The STEMCO Kaiser Plus Kit makes a simple, precision, reliable and safe king pin replacement a reality.

QwikKit<sup>®</sup> King Pin Kit

King Pin Kit

Protect your fleet and other vehicles on the road with STEMCO QwikKit® King Pin Kits. With higher impact strength, improved durability and more consistent lubrication, QwikKit King Pin Kits last up to four times longer than OE or aftermarket king pins. They also install in a fraction of the time of reamed king pins.