May 31, 2023

Streamline Your Maintenance Practices

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At STEMCO, our primary mission is to help trucking fleets operate more safely and efficiently. That’s why we take the time to update our Wheelhouse Blog regularly with information about our latest equipment as well as practices to consider. In this piece, we’re addressing a couple of ways that fleet managers can streamline their maintenance practices, ultimately resulting in a longer lasting and more reliable fleet.

Take stock of your inventory

A few of the greatest challenges fleet managers have been faced with in the wake of the pandemic have been supply chain delays, product shortages, and order backlogs. Most, if not all fleet managers have been forced to pivot their operations and make compromises on tools or parts they previously relied on in order to simply get what was available. Now that supply chain issues are less frequent, it’s important to take an inventory of the parts and replacements you’ve acquired in the last few years and evaluate whether these are parts suitable for your fleet or if they were just a band-aid in a time of crisis.

Although problems or issues may not be apparent now, fleet managers that purchased stop-gap replacement parts to supplement parts that were unavailable could be at risk for problems down the road. After conducting an inventory check to pinpoint where misfit replacement parts are, it’s important for fleet managers to consider upgrading their parts to create uniformity among their fleet. While it’s possible that some products are still on backorder or unavailable, there are great benefits to picking one product line and applying it to your entire fleet.

Bring uniformity back to your fleet

Uniformity in a fleet is important because you can count on the same level of quality and shelf life for parts throughout your fleet. In the end, fleet managers will likely have more peace of mind going with a brand that they know and trust instead of using what’s cheapest or was most readily available. This will also allow fleet managers to buy replacement parts in bulk rather than having to evaluate repairs on a case-by-case basis.

Additionally, fleet managers that purchase multiple parts from the same manufacturer can also be confident that all of their parts will work together seamlessly. When buying multiple parts from the same company, it’s guaranteed that these parts are designed to be compatible and are tested to work together as a system of components.

STEMCO products make streamlining easy

When it comes to quality parts and products that you can rely on, STEMCO has fleet managers covered with a variety of products designed to simplify or even automate routine installations, repairs and maintenance.

  • The Auto-Torq axle fastener is designed to streamline wheel end installation by eliminating the need for complex processes and specialty tools, meaning no washers, clips, snap rings, screws, keepers, or torque wrench are needed. This is another way that fleet managers can minimize the variety of tools and parts they need to buy in order to keep their fleet running smoothly.
  • The Trifecta Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly combines premiere STEMCO wheel end technologies with the trusted Webb® hub in a single, pre-adjusted assembly, ensuring a faster and more secure installation. With both P-type and N-type spindle applications available for trucks or trailers, and R-type drive axle, FF-type, FL-type Steer application for trucks, fleet managers can install Trifecta hub assembly across their entire fleet.
  • STEMCO’s Discover® XR wheel seal is constructed with a high-quality temperature-resistant material, featuring multi-labyrinth sealing for long-life applications. Equipped with GlideLock™ technology, the Discover XR series delivers the most advanced wheel seal available, ensuring long lasting tires across your fleet.
  • STEMCO Vehicle Technology (SVT) products use smart technologies to make informed decisions that simplify maintenance procedures, including features that allow drivers to track and manage mileage and automate critical fuel-usage information.
  • The QwikKit® King Pin Kit is engineered for high impact strength, improved durability, quick installation and is built to last up to four times longer than OE or aftermarket king pins.

To learn more about other tips and products that can help streamline your fleet, be sure to explore our other Wheelhouse Blogs.

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