Pre-adjusted Hub Assembly

Trifecta™ Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly

STEMCO’s Trifecta Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly combines premiere STEMCO wheel end technologies with the trusted Webb® hub in a single, pre-adjusted assembly, ensuring a faster and more secure installation. Trifecta is currently available for truck and trailer—both P-type and N-type spindle—applications.

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Extended Service Plug (ESP) Technology
  • 1/6

Top-of-the-line hub cap plug solutions protect lubricant integrity by preventing moisture and other contaminants from entering the hub assembly.

Defender Hub Cap
  • 2/6

Defender Hub Cap is made from an ultra-durable, corrosion-free, composite material and is available with a permanently bonded, leak-proof window.

Zip-Torq® Axle Fastener
  • 3/6

Self ratcheting feature prevents inadvertent back-offs, no clips, keepers or set screws to install.

  • 4/6

No bearing adjustment needed, exceeds ABMA performance and durability standards.

  • 5/6

Designed for optimized lube flow, reduces potential for fret corrosion.

Discover® XR Wheel Seal
  • 6/6

Four-zone labyrinth and slinger provide unmatched contamination prevention. No pre-lube required with the new GlideLock™ lip, eliminating the industry’s #1 cause of seal failure.

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Trifecta Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly by STEMCO
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  • Provides quick, easy installation with a simple torque-down procedure and no additional bearing adjustment.
  • Includes Zip-Torq® axle fastener featuring a unitized design with no additional clips, keepers, snap rings or screws, increasing simplicity for technicians.


  • Trifecta includes the Discover® XR, a high-performance seal with patent-pending GlideLock™ technology which essentially eliminates installation issues by reducing installation force by 50% with no prelube required – an industry first.
  • Discover XR and Defender ESP™ hub cap combine to set a new standard for contamination exclusion and raise the bar for long-life wheel end systems.


  • Features industry-standard components manufactured by STEMCO & Webb Wheel.
  • Backed by STEMCO support nationwide, including on-site training and certification, TMC-approved procedures and a 5-year/500,000 mile parts and labor OEM warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Trifecta Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly combines STEMCO’s high performance Discover XR seal, the revolutionary Zip-Torq axle fastener, precision bearings, a spacer optimized for lubricant flow, and for steer axle applications, the Defender ESP hubcap is also included.

Pre-adjusted hubs eliminate the need for bearing adjustment. The precision manufactured bearings, spacer, and hub provide a fixed dimensional distance between the inner and outer bearings eliminating the need to manually adjust the bearings. A torque wrench must be used to set the axle fastener according to the pre-adjusted hub manufacturers recommended torque setting, with no backing off the nut.

Trifecta is currently available for the most popular truck and trailer applications. FF Steer, FL Steer, R Drive, P Trailer and N Trailer with iron hubs and drum brake configurations make up the available offerings at this time. Please contact your STEMCO sales representative or STEMCO technical support for assistance with cross reference.

The only tools needed are a torque wrench and socket. See the following table for socket sizes required with Zip-Torq and Trifecta.

Application Assembly Part Number Zip-Torq® Part Number Tool Socket (3/4” Drive Required) OTC Part Number
Trailer Axle Fastener
Trailer P 453-0223 400-4723 3-1/4” Six Point 1915
Trailer N 453-0243 400-4743 1908
Steering Axle Fastener
Truck FF 5.44 453-0236 400-4836 2-1/8” Six Point 1976
453-0237 400-4837
Truck FF 5.06 453-2236 400-4836
453-2237 400-4837
Truck FL 453-0264 400-4865 2-7/8” Six Point 1932
Drive Axle Fastener
Truck R 453-0273 400-4973 4” Six Point 1914

Yes. To ensure lubricant integrity and proper venting in long life wheel end systems, and to maintain the STEMCO warranty, the Trifecta hub requires STEMCO Defender or aluminum hub caps with STEMCO’s ESP or Sentinel technology.

The recommended service intervals are detailed in STEMCO’s Tech Tip #21 and TMC’s RP 631.

Yes, the spacer can be removed and the bearings can be adjusted manually following TMC 618 procedures. Please refer to STEMCO’s Tech Tip #50 for more information.

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