King Pins, Spring Pins, and Bushings

QwikKit® King Pin Kit

Protect your fleet and other vehicles on the road with STEMCO QwikKit® King Pin Kits. With higher impact strength, improved durability and more consistent lubrication, QwikKit King Pin Kits last up to four times longer than OE or aftermarket king pins. They also install in a fraction of the time of reamed king pins.


STEMCO No-Ream steel bushings and pins are grooved to provide an optimal stream of lubrication to high-wear areas holding 300% more grease than standard king pin sets.

Proprietary high-chrome, high-carbon tool steel is found only in STEMCO king pins kits, balancing strength and resilience. This means it can withstand the constant turning and pounding placed on the steering knuckle and axle over the life of the vehicle.

Everything about the QwikKit is designed for performance, durability and safety, including:

  • Hardened lock pins that reduce damage to the axle.
  • Lip seals to keep contaminants out.
  • Self-cleaning bushings to expel debris reducing premature wear.

Replacing traditional king pins can sometimes be a long, greasy process. The proprietary design of the QwikKit king pin allows it to be installed by technicians in a fraction of the time of a traditional OE or aftermarket king pin. This allows maintenance teams to move to their next project quicker and eliminate the need for the next service job.

The king pin is the most critical component on the steer axle, so the correct king pin must be specified and technicians must be trained on safe installation. STEMCO KAISER offers the broadest coverage of king pin kits with over 250 options including 100 different QwikKit applications. We also have full coverage with our Plus Kit™ and ECONO KIT. In markets that require a bronze bushing, STEMCO offers the STEMCO KAISER Plus Kit. With pre-sized bi-metal bronze bushings, this kit quickly becomes the alternative to a reamed king pin installation. Reamed installations are still achievable with the STEMCO KAISER ECONO Kit king pin and bushing kit.

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