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Sentinel® Hub Caps

Sentinel Hub Cap

Sentinel® Hub Caps Eliminate Contamination.

Sentinel® Hub Cap Technology provides an unmatched filtering system to eliminate contamination of lubricant from grime, dirt or water thereby extending seal and bearing life. Sentinel® Technology dramatically reduces contaminate build-up on hub cap windows, allowing for an accurate determination of lube levels.

Lower Maintenance Cost And Improve Performance.

Sentinel® hub caps provide a tamper-proof system for maximum protection and maintenance-free performance, improving performance and lowering overall maintenance costs. Sentinel® oil hub caps are series 348 and grease hub caps are 349 series.

Hub Caps For Any Fleet.

STEMCO has provided the commercial trucking industry with reliable hub caps for more than 60 years. Throughout our history, we have recognized the need for tougher, long lasting hub caps that meet the performance, design and price requirements related to selecting the right hub cap for any fleet. To meet that need, STEMCO has engineered a menu of hub cap options designed to meet the varying performance expectations of each fleet, all in an effort to maximize performance and value.

For more information on Sentinel® Hub Caps, contact a STEMCO sales representative, find your nearest STEMCO distributor, or order online.