DataTrac® Pro Installation Instructions

STEMCO Vehicle Technology (SVT™) products use smart technologies to make data-driven decisions that simplify maintenance procedures and improve overall fleet safety. DataTrac Pro is an advanced mileage counter that relies on Earth’s gravity for counting wheel revolutions. The DataTrac Pro unit monitors its orientation to Earth’s gravitational pull and uses this reference to recognize and count revolutions.

The purpose of this tech tip is to inform customers of the proper installation methods for our DataTrac Pro. We will be referencing the following STEMCO PDFs:

Programming the Unit

Distribution or End User with a Programmer

The unit is shipped from the factory with a Revs/Mile value of zero. Dashes (- – – -) on the display indicate that the unit has NOT been programmed. It MUST be programmed before it is installed on a wheel end (The DataTrac Pro distributor should have a programmer or can sell you a programmer).

The programmer can set the DataTrac PRO’s:

  • Revolutions/Mile (or per Km) – Use STEMCO’s catalog to determine the Revolutions/ Mile for each Tire Make/Model.
  • Distance Unit of Measure – Miles or Km (Life miles only or including Trip Miles)
  • Mileage Preset – Set the mileage to match the current mileage of the vehicle the unit will be mounted to.

When programming is complete, (as indicated on the programmer screen) immediately lift the DataTrac PRO up and confirm the display shows the correct Tire Revolutions (shown as “REV###” on the screen). If not, repeat the programming.

The DataTrac Pro can be programmed/reprogrammed as many times as desired until there is approximately 2 miles on the unit.

Installing the Unit

Install the DataTrac PRO unit using the appropriate STEMCO bracket and hardware. The nut furnished with the unit is a locking nut and must not be torqued over 15-ft lbs.

Reading the Display

The display will turn on when the vehicle is at rest. Numbers will automatically orient to read upright. This is also indicated by the icon display, e.g. mile, km, acre. The mileage reading is always in the same direction as the icon.

In order to conserve power the display turns off at any time a vibration is detected. This means that the display will be off while the vehicle is moving. As soon as all vibration or motion stops the display will reactivate in about 5 seconds.

Display Modes

The DataTrac Pro unit comes equipped with three display modes: LIFE and TRIP (if programmed), and REV. To toggle the display between LIFE, TRIP and REV Modes, use the palm of your hand to cover the round bubble on the face of the unit for at least 1 second, and then uncover it.

If the unit is in bright sunlight, the bubble may have to be covered with your palm to block more light from reaching the sensor. TRIP mode is displayed with tenths resolution and is indicated by display of the TRIP icon (only if unit is programmed for TRIP).

To reset the TRIP display, toggle between LIFE, TRIP and REV Modes 5 times, quickly. Note that the unit cannot toggle faster than every 1.5 seconds.
To view the revolutions of the unit simply repeat the process that is used to view trip and then a screen that shows (REV XXX) will show up. The XXX is the number of revolutions perKm or Milethat the unit is programmed for. On units without TRIP there are only two screens, all others have three screens (LIFE, TRIP, and REV).

As with the TRIP mode the unit will return to the mileage after 10 seconds if left in the revolutions screen.

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