DataTrac® & DataTrac® Pro

STEMCO’s electronic hubodometers are perfect for scheduling maintenance, determining lease charges, validating guarantees and calculating costs per mile.

What makes the DataTrac® Pro Hubodometer unique is its ability to be programmed by the STEMCO Programmer to meet the customer’s specific tire revolutions requirements.


Programmable to the exact dimensions of over 2,500 tire models, the DataTrac® Pro hubodometer and programmer set the standard for precise mileage counting, enabling simplified inventory, more timely maintenance and unparalleled billing accuracy.

The DataTrac® Electronic Hubodometer comes preprogrammed for your specific tire needs without the need for additional programming.

Perform maintenance based on actual mileage rather than time between services, reducing the potential for unnecessary downtime or component failures.

The compact size of the DataTrac® Electronic Hubodometer makes it easy to mount and dismount tires without removing the DataTrac® from the wheel. No moving parts provide improved reliability and durability for the most demanding vocational applications.

Large, easy-to-read LCD display automatically positions numbers upright for easy mileage verification. Optional trip and life readings.

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