Mechanical Hubodometer®

Getting ahead in the trucking industry requires accurate, reliable information, and nothing delivers it like the STEMCO® Hubodometer®. Featuring an innovative design, built with military-grade materials and backed by a confidence-inspiring warranty, the Hubodometer helps ensure productivity and profitability through superior data.


Schedule maintenance, determine lease charges, validate guarantees, calculate costs per mile, and more.

Hubodometers are calibrated to perform on over 2,500 specific tire models and sizes.

Spring-loaded counterweight helps eliminate spin when tires hit bumps and potholes, for greater accuracy.

Hubodometers can be preset to collect customized mileage data.

High-quality components, rugged construction and innovative design stand up to demanding road and weather conditions.

Better tracking enables optimized maintenance scheduling and adherence to best practices.

Highly accurate mileage tracking allows rental and lease fleets to operate with complete confidence.

Backed by warranty, ensuring accuracy for up to 500,000 miles.

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