Hub Caps

ESP and ESP Plus Hub Cap Plugs

ESP and ESP Plus are STEMCO’s top-of-the-line hub cap plug solutions—protecting lubricant integrity by preventing moisture and other contaminants from entering the hub assembly. Featuring an advanced design and innovative shielding, ESP and ESP Plus are simple, yet vital, ways to maintain wheel end safety.


ESP and ESP Plus are designed to keep water, dirt, sand and other contaminants out of the wheel end. ESP is water resistant while ESP Plus is fully waterproof thanks to its GoreTex membrane.

Both ESP and ESP Plus are engineered for optimal venting. ESP has vent holes on the sides with an internal labyrinth venting pathway while ESP Plus has vent holes on the top for centralized pressure relief.

Both ESP and ESP Plus feature a shield that protects the venting mechanism from oil spitting caused by fast fill, overfill or other normal vehicle operation.

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