Super Cushion<sup>®</sup> Bellows Air Springs

Bellow Air Spring

STEMCO Super-Cushion® bellows air springs are superior quality products, designed and built for durability, performance and value. Super-Cushion bellows air springs operate dependably in the toughest conditions. With quality built into every Super-Cushion air spring, they are made to last.

Super Cushion<sup>®</sup> Rolling Lobe Air Springs

Rolling Lobe Air Spring

STEMCO Super Cushion® air springs give your trucks, trailers and buses the best in safety, productivity and long life. Our rolling robe air springs provide constant-level hauling and deliver trouble-free service.

Heavy Duty Bearings

three heavy duty bearings

Bearings are at the heart of commercial trucking. Inferior quality can cost far more than the money its saves. STEMCO® heavy-duty bearings deliver unmatched quality and reliability and are part of our promise of Making the Roadways Safer®.

Mechanical Hubodometer<sup>®</sup>

Mechanical Hubodometer

Getting ahead in the trucking industry requires accurate, reliable information, and nothing delivers it like the STEMCO® Hubodometer®. Featuring an innovative design, built with military-grade materials and backed by a confidence-inspiring warranty, the Hubodometer helps ensure productivity and profitability through superior data.

DataTrac<sup>®</sup> Pro – Field Programmable

DataTrac Pro

STEMCO’s electronic hubodometers are perfect for scheduling maintenance, determining lease charges, validating guarantees and calculating costs per mile. What makes the DataTrac® Pro Hubodometer unique is its ability to be programmed by the STEMCO Programmer to meet the customer’s specific tire revolutions requirements.

DataTrac Programmer

DataTrac Programmer

Quick programmer for the DataTrac Pro and DataTrac SVT hubodometers. Program hubo to the revolutions/mile for the tire size, distance units of measure (ex: miles, km, etc.), and mileage preset to match the vehicle’s current mileage.

Wig Wags Low Air Pressure Indicators

Wig Wag Low Air Pressure Indicator

When air brakes begin to fail – you need to know now. The Wig Wag Low Pressure Indicator consistently provides this critical information. As air brake system pressure drops below a safe level, the Wig Wag arm (mounted above the windshield) instantly drops into the driver’s forward field of view warning “Stop Low Air”

Automatic Moisture Ejector

Automatic Moisture Ejector

The STEMCO Moisture Ejector provides a proven, inexpensive way to help assure the constant removal of oil, carbon, dirt, sludge and water from the air system, eliminating the daily chore of purging wet tanks.

PSI™ Hub Caps

a hub cap

STEMCO has engineered the P.S.I. hub cap designed to meet the specific performance expectations of each fleet, all in an effort to maximize performance and value.