WebPortal SVT™

Web Portal SVT

Web portal to track vehicle mileage and fuel for fleet maintenance and/or lease mileage billing. As an enterprise wide solution, it includes capability for multiple terminal locations, vehicle assignments by terminal, report downloads, maintenance email alerts, years of historical readings and much more. *Subscription fee is required

DataTrac<sup>®</sup> SVT™ – Field Programmable

DataTrac SVT

The DataTrac SVT Electronic Mileage Sensor is a sensor that wirelessly provides vehicle odometer readings within +/-2% accuracy. It is programmable to fit virtually all tire sizes, contains no moving parts for high reliability, is smaller and lighter than other hubo solutions and is easy to install. The DataTrac SVT is offered in two versions: […]

GateReader SVT™

Gate Reader SVT

The new GateReader SVT helps automate and manage mileage information to improve fleet operations. With its wireless data collection system, it sends information automatically to the WebPortal SVT, giving you easier access to fleet data than ever before. *Subscription to WebPortal SVT Required

Mechanical Hubodometer<sup>®</sup>

Mechanical Hubodometer

Getting ahead in the trucking industry requires accurate, reliable information, and nothing delivers it like the STEMCO® Hubodometer®. Featuring an innovative design, built with military-grade materials and backed by a confidence-inspiring warranty, the Hubodometer helps ensure productivity and profitability through superior data.

DataTrac<sup>®</sup> Pro – Field Programmable

DataTrac Pro

STEMCO’s electronic hubodometers are perfect for scheduling maintenance, determining lease charges, validating guarantees and calculating costs per mile. What makes the DataTrac® Pro Hubodometer unique is its ability to be programmed by the STEMCO Programmer to meet the customer’s specific tire revolutions requirements.

DataTrac Programmer

DataTrac Programmer

Quick programmer for the DataTrac Pro and DataTrac SVT hubodometers. Program hubo to the revolutions/mile for the tire size, distance units of measure (ex: miles, km, etc.), and mileage preset to match the vehicle’s current mileage.


Digital and mechanical hubodometers providing accurate and reliable data.