Axle Spindle Nuts

Pro-Torq® Axle Spindle

Increase tire life and reduce seal failure with the Pro-Torq® axle spindle nut. With bearing adjustment increments down to 0.001″ and exacting cup and cone alignment on the spindle, nothing compares to the precision of Pro-Torq.


Pro-Torq controls axial motion, delivering precise bearing adjustments to standards which experts agree is necessary to maximize radial tire life and longer component wear.

Eliminate premature seal failure caused by excessive end play and over torqued adjustments. From mechanic to mechanic, STEMCO Pro-Torq procedures will produce consistent, repeatable, accurate wheel bearing adjustments of .001″-.003″ end play. Pro-Torq takes the guesswork out of bearing adjustment!

By producing reliable low end play bearing adjustments and axial motion control, Pro-Torq helps ensure accurate wheel-speed monitoring on anti-lock braking systems.

Pro-Torq eliminates potential for over-tightening the jam nut and pushing the outer bearing cone out of position, creating a pre-load condition. Clearance or wear in spindle threads will result in a wide range of final end play settings. The single nut system gives the mechanic peace of mind that the job is done right. By following STEMCO Pro-Torq adjustment procedures, you will consistently obtain accurate wheel end play recommendations of TMC RP-618B of .001″-.005″ NOTE: Pro-Torq orange keeper should be replaced when removed for wheel end service.

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