King Pin Tools

King Pin Spring Pin Bushing Tools

Precision tooling that makes installation reliable, quick, and easy. Our King Pin Tools are proudly made in the USA and are simpler to install than other products on the market.

ECONO KIT™ King Pin Kit

King Pin Kit

STEMCO has been offering a standard ream king pin kit for years, yet many customers appreciate the ream fit option. This kit continues to provide a conservative value option for our customer.

PlusKit<sup>®</sup> King Pin Kit

King Pin Kit

STEMCO Kaiser Plus Kit® has been the premium “no-ream” bi-metal king pin kit. The included pre-sized bi-metal bronze bushings provide the same fit as a tightly reamed king pin installation. The STEMCO Kaiser Plus Kit makes a simple, precision, reliable and safe king pin replacement a reality.

QwikKit<sup>®</sup> King Pin Kit

King Pin Kit

Protect your fleet and other vehicles on the road with STEMCO QwikKit® King Pin Kits. With higher impact strength, improved durability and more consistent lubrication, QwikKit King Pin Kits last up to four times longer than OE or aftermarket king pins. They also install in a fraction of the time of reamed king pins.