Keeping Moisture Out of Wheel Ends This Winter

logging truck driving on a snowy street

Here at STEMCO, we often talk about how preparation is one of the best ways to make the roadways safer. As the seasons change, it’s important to make simple updates to your fleet such as checking your tire pressure and changing your windshield wipers, but it’s just as important to make defensive seasonal adjustments to […]

The Importance of Driver Training and Retention

According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the largest national trade association for the trucking industry, there’s currently a shortage of more than 78,000 truck drivers on the roads daily. Even worse, the ATA also estimates a need to hire around 1.2 million new drivers over the next decade to meet increasing freight demands, and […]

Preparing Your Truck For Summer Driving

semi truck on open highway

Here at STEMCO, we’re always thinking proactively to help make sure our customers get the most out of their fleets and that each truck is in the best condition possible year round. Summertime is here which means so are clear skies, sunshine, and long days of driving on simmering hot, “fry an egg on it” […]

Streamline Your Maintenance Practices

two construction workers looking at a clipboard

At STEMCO, our primary mission is to help trucking fleets operate more safely and efficiently. That’s why we take the time to update our Wheelhouse Blog regularly with information about our latest equipment as well as practices to consider. In this piece, we’re addressing a couple of ways that fleet managers can streamline their maintenance […]

How to Get Accurate End Of Year Fleet Reporting

two people looking at a screen in front of a semi

Fleet managers understand the importance of data collection. After all, gathering fleet data is what leads to better business decisions and more efficient fleet operations. However, the reporting process itself is often quite time consuming, and for most fleet managers, this can be a challenge when trying to minimize downtime and maintain multiple fleet schedules. […]

8 Tips for Roadway Safety This Winter

semi driving down a road in the winter

When the holiday season is upon us each year, we’re reminded of the months ahead with heavy traffic and slippery road conditions. Soon, online purchases will increase, along with the need to keep shelves stocked during the busiest season of the year. As a result, retailers will begin dispatching more vehicles to keep up with […]

Warning Signs of Equipment Wear and Tear

Close up of a wheel on a semi going down a road

At STEMCO, we keep safety at the forefront of all we do. It’s what motivates us to engineer reliable products that you can trust. In our commitment to “Making the Roadways Safer,” one way that we help fleet maintenance managers is by providing training and education in healthy maintenance practices. The most common questions we […]

3 Ways to Conserve Fuel for Your Fleet

Semi truck in a gas station parking lot

Fuel costs are one of the most challenging expenses that fleet managers face. And though fluctuating fuel prices only seem to complicate the issue further, there are a few proactive steps that can be taken to help managers regain some control while increasing their overall fleet performance and profitability. To ease the burden of fuel […]

What Customers are Saying About Trifecta

car hauler semi

In Arlington, Texas, there’s a railhead just down the street from the General Motors Assembly Plant. Here, the Jack Cooper Transport Company operates the main shuttle services for vehicle transport. Through multiple shifts, these five-car flatbed trucks run the two-mile leg, back and forth from the plant to the railway, around 30 times a day. […]

When and how to change your king pins using a king pin kit

someone changing out king pins

So, you think it might be time for new king pins and you need to know how to use a king pin kit. At STEMCO, we strive to give you the resources and tools you need to perform safe and effective installations of STEMCO products. With the quality and durability of STEMCO products and proper […]