STEMCO® Rolls Out New Trifecta™ Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly

Trifecta Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly

STEMCO®, an EnPro Industries company (NYSE: NPO) and leading manufacturer of heavy-duty components and solutions for commercial vehicles, has announced that its new Trifecta™ Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly is now available to customers. The wheel end system was first introduced at the 2018 TMC show in Atlanta, and developed in partnership with Webb Wheel Products, a technological leader in quality wheel end hubs and drums.

Designed for safety, performance and confidence, the STEMCO Trifecta is a true all-in-one hub assembly. It features the Discover® XR (extreme runtime) wheel seal with GlideLock™ technology. The seal glides on and self-locks, reducing installation force by 50%, with no prelube required—a first of its kind in the industry. The combination of the Discover XR wheel seal, Webb Wheel’s hub and the Defender ESP™ composite hub cap provides the industry’s best contamination and corrosion resistance.

The Trifecta assembly also features STEMCO’s Zip-Torq® fully unitized axle spindle nut, increasing simplicity and safety for end users. There are no additional clips, keepers, snap rings or screws to install. The self-ratcheting locking feature prevents inadvertent back-offs.

Additionally, installation of the hub assembly requires no bearing adjustment, ensuring the hub is installed correctly, quickly and easily. STEMCO manufactured components ensure simpler, faster wheel end maintenance.

“After years of successful trials with the Trifecta, we’re eager to see its impact on a broader scale,” said Eric Vaillancourt, president of STEMCO. “The Trifecta’s all-in-one design and performance is truly an industry-first, extending wheel end life while providing unmatched contamination prevention. In the end, we’re proud to offer the safety, performance and confidence that our customers desire.”

The Trifecta is also backed by a long-life, five-year/500,000-mile warranty for on-highway applications, and is now available for order through STEMCO distributors.

For more information on the STEMCO Trifecta Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly, visit

About Webb Wheel Products
Webb Wheel Products, Inc., headquartered in Cullman, Ala., manufactures hubs, brake drums and rotors for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, trailers and buses. Webb Wheel is a Marmon Highway Technologies®/Berkshire Hathaway Company. Marmon Highway Technologies supports the highway transportation industry worldwide with a wide range of high-quality products and services. For more information visit

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