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Pro-Torq® Axle Spindle Nuts

Pro-Torq Axle Spindle Nuts

An Axle Spindle Nut System For Today's Commercial Truck Fleets.

Pro-Torq® axle spindle nuts provide accurate bearing adjustment, increasing wheel end life. Pro-Torq® easily secures wheel bearings in precise position the first time and eliminates jamming, juggling and time-consuming positioning of multiple nut assemblies.

Longer Tread Life.

Pro-Torq® delivers the adjustment precision which experts agree is needed to maximize radial tire life. Pro-Torq® axle spindle nuts control axial motion, holding bearing end play near zero while maintaining exact cup and cone alignment on the spindle. This is good news for radial tires. Fleets save tires, wheels track truer.

Extended Wheel Seal And Bearing Service.

Pro-Torq® supports seal, ball bearing and axle manufacturers' specifications. With Pro-Torq®'s tight control on wheel bearing adjustment, fleets minimize premature seal failure and improve extended seal and brake lining programs. Pro-Torq® is also your choice when using new semi-fluid and synthetic grease lubricants to precisely set bearings for lubed-for-life wheel ends.

Pro-Torq® compensates for normal bearing wear, permitting precise .001" takeup increments at scheduled preventative maintenance intervals. This keeps bearings properly aligned, running cooler and lasting longer.

Improve ABS.

Pro-Torq®'s reliable low end play bearing adjustment and axial motion control helps assure accurate wheel end sensor monitoring of wheel speeds on antilock braking systems.

Pro-Torq® provides safety, extended seal life, extended bearing life and extended tire life through:

  • Wheel bearing adjustment accuracy of .000" to .003" end play
  • Infinite locking positions
  • Twice the number of threads to firmly hold bearings
  • Controlled axial motion - avoids extremes of pre-load and excessive bearing end play

Ask any mechanic...
Precisely designed seals, ball bearings and hub caps are only as good as the precision with which they are assembled as an integral unit. That's where the Pro-Torq® Axle Spindle Nut comes in. Proper bearing adjustment could be the singularly most critical aspect of wheel end performance. The effect on all wheel end components, seals, bearings and tires is highly impacted by improperly adjusted bearings. Properly installed, the Pro-Torq® is designed to deliver precise wheel bearing adjustment.

2-1-1 Installation

STEMCO Pro-Torq axle spindle nuts keep bearing end play within recommended TMC specifications every single time, maintaining optimal cup and cone alignment on the spindle to safeguard the wheel end. See our detailed 2-1-1 installation procedures here.

For more information on the Pro-Torq® Axle Spindle Nut System, contact a STEMCO sales representative, find your nearest distributor or order online.