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Introducing STEMCO Equipment™

Reliable Maintenance Made Easy

Making the Roadways Safer® is our mission. And at STEMCO, we feel that ensuring the safety of your drivers and those out on the road alongside them starts in the shop. We recently launched our newest product line, STEMCO Equipment™, to provide a full line of innovative service tools and maintenance equipment that will help your team get each job done safely and more efficiently.

Our new offerings include:

Truck Aligner

The new STEMCO Equipment™ Truck Aligner allows your technicians to set up and receive alignment measurements in less than three minutes through a wireless Bluetooth data connection. The Truck Aligner System can diagnose alignment on trucks and trailers anywhere in the shop, without the need for a dedicated alignment bay.

Wheel Balancer

Featuring TouchSpin™ Technology, the STEMCO Equipment™ heavy-duty Wheel Balancer is designed to make wheel balancing simple, safe, quick and accurate.


Pre-sized, pre-hardened sleeves allow axle eyes to be resized in minutes, and a new bushing design enhances out-of-round axle eyes in order to achieve maximum lifespan.

Power Press

The heavy-duty, industrial grade STEMCO Equipment™ Press can be used for replacing bushings, bearings and performing many other tasks around the shop.

Increasing your fleet's safety and reducing your maintenance expenses are our top priorities. Get more information about the all-new STEMCO Equipment™.  

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