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Genuine CentriFuse®: Accept no substitute

To combat the attempts by overseas companies to confuse customers with look-alike brake drums, all previously black Genuine CentriFuse® products will now be sold in a unique blue color. This change applies to CentriFuse® Lite, CentriFuse® Wide and Original CentriFuse®. CentriFuse® HD brake drums, which were changed from black to red in 2014, will continue being sold in their new red color.

This color change allows fleet managers to easily distinguish Genuine CentriFuse® products from imitations. We hope this will give our customers added confidence in the safety, longevity and reliability of their fleets.

Since 1929, STEMCO Genuine CentriFuse® brake drums have delivered industry-leading weight savings, exceptional durability and superior performance. Their high-performance steel jacket and patented alloy braking surface is proven to resist issues that cause inferior, imitation brake drums to fail.

Watch our new Genuine CentriFuse® video to see how they are made, their role in supporting Allied troops during World War II and what makes them the lightest, most durable brake drums on the market.

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