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Expanding the STEMCO Vision

ATDynamics Joins New STEMCO ITMS Division

You may have read the news. STEMCO recently announced its acquisition of ATDynamics, an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of rear-drag aerodynamics technologies for the commercial transportation industry. ATDynamics' TrailerTail® and EcoSkirt™ products have been proven to save fleet owners thousands of dollars in fuel expenses, and are poised to save the industry billions of dollars over the next decade by improving airflow and reducing fuel consumption. More than 35,000 TrailerTail® equipped semi-trailers in more than 500 fleets are on the road today.

With the acquisition of ATDynamics comes the development of the STEMCO Innovative Tire & Mileage Solutions (ITMS) division. Comprised of the TrailerTail®, EcoSkirt™, BAT RF®, Aeris by STEMCO® high-performance automatic tire inflation systems and Aeris with SmartSense, the ITMS division is committed to providing solutions that increase fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and increase roadway safety.

The introduction of STEMCO ITMS furthers our promise to drive innovation aimed at substantially increasing fuel efficiency in the trucking industry. If we can help increase industry-wide fuel efficiency by just 10 percent, the industry could save 2.4 billion gallons of fuel, $7 billion and 22 million tons of CO2 every year.

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