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STEMCO Introduces AirBAT RF® SST Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor For Steer And Tag Applications

(LONGVIEW, TEXAS - May 4, 2010)  STEMCO, a technology leader in heavy-duty truck and trailer wheel end products introduces AirBAT RF® SST, a new product in the BAT RF® family of products.  The SST is a tire pressure monitoring sensor designed specifically for steer and tag axle applications.  Along with the Dual Tire AirBAT sensor, the AirBAT RF SST rounds out STEMCO’s suite of tire pressure sensors for all wheel positions on heavy-duty vehicles.  The AirBAT SST provides a visual (LED) indicator on the wheel-end when tire pressure is below target, alerting the driver or technician to inspect and inflate the tire prior to departure.

In addition, the new AirBAT SST sensor works in concert with all of the existing BAT RF family of products; the HandBAT handheld reader, the DAS Driver Alert System, the gate reader, the satellite interface module as well as WebBAT, the internet based fleet management software. These products have been designed to help fleet managers increase safety, fuel efficiency and the life of truck and trailer tires.

“Improperly inflated tires reduce tire life and can decrease fuel efficiency by as much as 3%,” says Bob Montgomery, STEMCO VP Fleet Information Systems.  ”Low tire pressure also leads directly to premature tire failure and irregular wear, both of which can be safety hazards – especially on the steer tire.   STEMCO’s BAT RF products provide accurate, accessible data to assist fleets in safe, productive operation and maintenance of vehicle assets.”

STEMCO’s BAT RF products enable simpler and more effective management of proper tire inflation and mileage collection through a system of wirelessly enabled sensors, data collection systems, and Internet-based data management solutions, designed specifically for heavy duty vehicles.

With offices and manufacturing facilities in Texas, Michigan, New York, Canada and China, STEMCO is a leader in the technology and manufacture of commercial vehicle wheel end, braking and suspension components as well as fleet information systems.  STEMCO is an EnPro Industries, Inc. (NYSE:  NPO) company. EnPro is a leader in the manufacture of sealing technologies and engineered products for use in critical applications by industries worldwide.

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