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50,000 STEMCO TrailerTails Now on the Highway

LONGVIEW, Texas (May 12, 2016) – STEMCO, an EnPro Industries company (NYSE: NPO) and leading manufacturer of heavy-duty components and solutions for commercial vehicles, announces 50,000 TrailerTail® rear tail trailer fairings (boat tails) have now been sold.

TrailerTail® uses patented aerodynamic technology that increases fuel efficiency by an average of 5.5 percent and improves stability and visibility for drivers. TrailerTail® technology streamlines the airflow around a semi-trailer and mitigates the low-pressure suction drag that reduces fuel efficiency and creates turbulence. Every TrailerTail® equipped semi-trailer offsets the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions of one passenger vehicle.

In late 2015, STEMCO's new TrailerTail® production facility in Longview, Texas, came online to help the company keep pace with record-breaking demand for its aerodynamic components. In 2015 alone, the company sold more than 13,000 units to over 450 customers, equating to more than 9 million gallons of combined fuel savings – or approximately $18 million.

"We saw tremendous demand for the TrailerTail in 2015 – even with lower fuel prices. As the price of diesel begins to creep back up, and fleets begin to put a greater focus on fuel and energy savings, we expect to see even higher sales of aerodynamic solutions like the TrailerTail," said Bob Montgomery, Vice President of the STEMCO Innovative Tire & Mileage Solutions group.

Fleets using TrailerTail® echoed Montgomery's statement. “We’ve been very pleased with the TrailerTail Trident, and have over 5,000 in our fleet today,” said Paul Higgins, Director of Fleet Maintenance at Prime Inc. in Springfield, Mo. “We’re pleased to see our folks achieve an additional 1/4 of a mile per gallon. TrailerTail effectively enables our owner operators to earn an extra penny per mile.” Jimmy Ray, Vice President of Operations at Mesilla Valley Transportation in El Paso, Texas, said, “At Mesilla Valley, we’ve been using TrailerTail by STEMCO as long as anyone, and we continue to see a 4/10 of a mile per gallon improvement. We’re still using the first units we installed five years ago, and we’re pleased with the progress STEMCO has made on durability and the wear parts."

Demand for the TrailerTail® is expected to increase in 2016 in the U.S., as well as in Canada where Quebec Transport Minister Jacques Daoust recently signed a decree approving the use of foldable aerodynamic fairings in the province. Prior to the decree, which was posted in the March 23 edition of The Canada Gazette, drivers were required to close TrailerTail® devices while driving in the province. The decree went into effect as of April 15, 2016.

See how the STEMCO TrailerTail® works in this video, and learn more at


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