Unitized Pinion Seal

STEMCO’s Unitized Pinion Seals’ superior performance, ease of use, and durability make them a complete solution for even the most punishing applications.


The single-piece, unitized design is installed in one step using the correct STEMCO tool and yoke bolt or old yoke nut to install the press-fit outer diameter.

Sealing lips are contained in a manner that prevents yoke surface contact from the lip. New yokes will remain new at the sealing point.

The wide contact area of the seal inner diameter makes most yokes reusable. Bore sealant on the outer diameter and the wide contact area on the inner diameter eliminate leak paths to avoid premature failures.

The unitized design incorporates a wear ring to provide an ideal running surface for the sealing lip, thus eliminating the need for repair sleeves that often change the seal-lip angle during operation and result in reduced life.

To promote long life, a labyrinth path with multiple dust lips prevents contamination ingress.

High performance nitrile rubber on the main sealing lip withstands the high heat consistent with pinion seal applications

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