STEMCO is changing the game for wheel ends again! The Auto-Torq axle fastener is designed to streamline wheel end installation by eliminating the need for complex processes and specialty tools—no washers, clips, snap rings, screws, or keepers needed. An all-in-one solution that’s compatible with any industry hub manufacturer, Auto-Torq securely applies the optimum clamp load […]


ZipTorq axel spindle nuts

With its robust single piece design, Zip-Torq takes the guess work out of bearing adjustment. Zip-Torq is a unitized axle fastener that uses a patented self-locking ratchet system to secure the wheel end and prevent back off. Zip-Torq consistently delivers accurate endplay between .001″–.005″ using the STEMCO 2-1-1 method.


ProTorq axel spindle nuts

Increase tire life and reduce seal failure with the Pro-Torq® axle fastener. With bearing adjustment increments down to 0.001″ and exacting cup and cone alignment on the spindle, nothing compares to the precision of Pro-Torq.