July 22, 2022

Choosing the Right Hubodometer

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Managing a fleet is no small task. Most fleet managers devote a significant portion of their time looking for ways to reduce downtime and overall fleet costs. And that’s a good thing because, in the long run, taking a proactive approach to fleet management can be an excellent way for companies to maximize safety and performance while extending the life of their fleet vehicles.

Using the right tools

One of the most effective tools in this type of approach is using a hubodometer. For those newer to commercial trucking, a Hubodometer is a device mounted on the axle of a truck or trailer wheel that measures distance traveled. Hubodometers are standard on semis, buses, and other heavy-duty trailers to track maintenance schedules and calculate costs per mile.

Why a hubodometer?

There are several benefits that hubodometers can contribute to your fleet. For starters, the simple function of tracking mileage and providing access to accurate and reliable data is worth its weight in gold. Exact mileage can help fleet managers manage maintenance schedules and expense planning more efficiently. And that’s a win-win in terms of fleet safety because it allows fleet managers to be better prepared to ward off costly challenges such as surprise breakdowns, blowouts, and the like.
Another benefit of using a hubodometer is that accurate data ensures that you get paid for the exact miles traveled per trip. Discrepancies can add up over a year, so making sure you have precise numbers is a great way to maximize the profitability of your fleet.

Lastly, depending on the make of your hubodometer, a good warranty will give you peace of mind in terms of performance. At STEMCO, we’re proud to say that a 500,000-mile warranty backs our Hubodometers. We know how good it feels to have peace of mind regarding product performance, and we have a proven track record for manufacturing products designed to give you extended years of service. Our Hubodometers are no different.

STEMCO Hubodometer options

We offer five different hubodometers to choose from, and we’ll list them below in two groups: digital and mechanical.

Digital Hubodometer

Our digital hubodometers enable you to perform maintenance according to actual mileage rather than on time between services. Each model features a large, easy-to-read LCD that positions numbers upright for easy mileage verification.

Four different models are available:

DataTrac® (Pre-programmed)
The compact size of the DataTrac Electronic Hubodometer makes it easy to mount and dismount tires without removing the DataTrac from the wheel. Having no moving parts improves reliability and durability for the most demanding vocational applications.

DataTrac Pro (Field programmable)
What makes the DataTrac® Pro Hubodometer unique is its ability to be programmed by the STEMCO Programmer to meet the customer’s specific tire revolutions requirements.

DataTrac SVT (Tamperproof)
STEMCO Vehicle Technology (SVT) indicates that a product is equipped with intelligent technology.

The DataTrac SVT Electronic Mileage Sensor is a sensor that wirelessly provides vehicle odometer readings within +/-2% accuracy. It is programmable to fit virtually all tire sizes, contains no moving parts for high reliability, is smaller and lighter than other hubometer solutions, and is easy to install. Data is automatically captured and accessible in a web portal, eliminating the need to manually walk around the fleet and gather readings.

Trailer leasing fleets primarily utilize this Tamperproof version to capture odometer readings for billing purposes.

DataTrac SVT (Reprogrammable)
The reprogrammable version offers the same technology as the DataTrac SVT (Tamperproof) and primarily utilizes transit bus or trailer fleets for distance-based maintenance management.

Mechanical Hubodometer®

Featuring an innovative design, built with military-grade materials, and backed by a confidence-inspiring warranty, this hubodometer helps ensure productivity and profitability. Its rugged construction can withstand demanding road and weather conditions, while its spring-loaded counterweight helps eliminate spin (for greater accuracy) when tires hit bumps and potholes.

If you’re still unsure which model will work best for your fleet, we’ve created the Hubodometer Selector tool, allowing customers to input the specs for their vehicle and see which Hubodometer products could work for them.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us.

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