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TrailerTail® Model Specs

  Trident 4x4 DropFrame
  High efficiency, lowest cost TrailerTail® option Maximum efficiency TrailerTail® option Maximum efficiency for drop frame trailers
Fuel Savings 5.09% at 65 mph 5.54% at 65 mph Over 5.82% at 65 mph*
Length 36 Inches 48 Inches 48 Inches
Number of Panels 3 4 4
Weight 120 lbs 165 lbs 185 lbs

TrailerTail Rear

Universal Specs

  • Panels: High durability, lightweight thermoplastic composite
  • Hardware: Hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Trailer Compatibility: Dry van, refrigerated van, drop frame, curtain side
  • Door Compatibility: Swing door, flat rear surface
  • Compliance: CARB – EPA SmartWay Verified as Advanced Trailer End Fairing
  • US DOT – Meets safety requirements. Exempt from trailer length restrictions
  • Warranty: 3 years


DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS Driver-Free Operation Stows When Needed To Avoid Collisions Auto Deploy @35 MPH Warning Light On Backup
OneTouch Automatically opens and collapses, push-to-close protection when parked    
ZeroTouch Connects to built-in ABS ECU to automatically deploy TrailerTail®  
AutoDeploy Radar-based speed sensor automatically opens TrailerTail®

*TrailerTail® DropFrame 5.82% fuel savings is an estimate based on a compilation of third-party tests

ZeroTouch Deployment System

ZeroTouch technology connects directly to the trailer’s built-in ABS ECU to automatically deploy the TrailerTail® rear fairing when the vehicle reaches 35 mph. It requires no additional wiring to the J-box, which means fewer parts, faster installation and easier maintenance.

ZeroTouch is compatible with OEM trailers that use Meritor WABCO InfoLink ABS ECU systems. Fleet owners who want automatic deployment but do not have this type of trailer can still use STEMCO’s radar-based AutoDeploy system.

There are four TrailerTail® models available for use with ZeroTouch technology:

1) TrailerTail® 4x4 w/ ZeroTouch for dry van trailers
2) TrailerTail® 4x4 w/ ZeroTouch for refrigerated trailers
3) TrailerTail® Trident w/ ZeroTouch for dry van trailers
4) TrailerTail® Trident w/ ZeroTouch for refrigerated trailers

TrailerTail ZeroTouch Diagram