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Zip-Torq® Axle Spindle Nuts

STEMCO's New Axle Spindle Nut Makes Wheel End Work Faster And Safer.

Zip-Torq® is the latest in STEMCO’s line of axle spindle nuts, made to keep bearing end play near zero and maintain optimal cup and cone alignment on the spindle to safeguard seals, bearings, tires and brake linings. It is designed to work with both preset and standard wheel end applications and is compatible with STEMCO’s PPS+ programs.

A Single-Piece Nut System For Convenient Fleet Maintenance.

The Zip-Torq single piece nut system features a unitized design for simpler, safer service and installation — without special tooling. That means no clumsy small parts such as additional clips, keepers, snap rings or screws.

Specialized Locking Feature Increases Safety And Simplifies Installation.

The specialized locking feature of Zip-Torq is engineered to prevent inadvertent back-offs. When the nut is locked, it cannot be hand-rotated once wheel-end adjustments are complete. But when the locking feature is disengaged, Zip-Torq can be easily removed by hand to address other wheel end components.

Longer Tread Life.

Like the Pro-Torq®, the Zip-Torq delivers the adjustment precision, which experts agree is needed to maximize radial tire life.

Extended Wheel Seal And Bearing Service.

Zip-Torq supports seal, ball bearing and axle manufacturers' specifications. With its tight control on wheel bearing adjustment, fleets minimize premature seal failure and improve extended seal and brake lining programs. Zip-Torq is also your choice when using new semi-fluid and synthetic grease lubricants to precisely set bearings for lubed-for-life wheel ends.

Zip-Torq compensates for normal bearing wear, permitting precise .001" takeup increments at scheduled preventative maintenance intervals. This keeps bearings properly aligned, running cooler and lasting longer.

Improve ABS.

Accurate axle spindle nut tensioning is critical because it controls axial movement of the bearing, which impacts tire, bearing and seal longevity and plays a role in the safety and performance of other vehicle components including antilock braking system (ABS) sensors.

By ensuring consistent, precise tensioning, the Zip-Torq allows optimal performance of a vehicle’s ABS, eliminates excessive tightening that can lead to poor lubrication, and prevents bearing play that can cause vibration and scalloping of the bearing cage.

Zip-Torq provides safety, extended seal life, extended bearing life and extended tire life through:

  • 2-1-1 adjustments that provide consistent endplay measurements of .001" to .002"
  • Infinite locking positions
  • Twice the number of threads to firmly hold bearings
  • Controlled axial motion - avoids extremes of pre-load and excessive bearing end play

2-1-1 Installation

STEMCO Zip-Torq axle spindle nuts keep bearing end play within recommended TMC specifications every single time, maintaining optimal cup and cone alignment on the spindle to safeguard the wheel end. See our detailed 2-1-1 installation procedures here.

For more information on the Zip-Torq Axle Spindle Nut System, contact a STEMCO sales representative, find your nearest distributor or order online.