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TrailerTail® Fuel Savings Technology

TrailerTail® by STEMCO.

STEMCO’s TrailerTail® for semi truck trailers increases fuel efficiency by 5.5% and improves stability and visibility, increasing both safety and peace of mind. The patented, award-winning technology streamlines airflow at the back of the trailer to reduce the low-pressure vacuum that creates rear drag and decreased fuel efficiency — and it does so without hindering trailer cargo capacity, loading or unloading. 

  • SAE Certified to deliver 5.54% fuel efficiency gains at 65 mph based on SAE Type II testing
  • VALIDATED by the U.S. EPA
  • CARB Compliant with 2010 CARB regulations for trailer aerodynamics as a stand-alone device
  • EXEMPT from U.S. DOT length restrictions
  • PROVEN to perform in drop and hook dry van and refrigerated trailer operations in ALL weather conditions
  • ESSENTIAL to the profitability and competitiveness of any fleet operation accruing over 25,000 miles per year, per trailer at highway speed


By reducing the turbulent airflow that occurs at the back of semi-trailers, TrailerTail® helps to stabilize trailers and reduces road spray, improving visibility for both truck drivers and surrounding vehicles. It also adds a collapsible crumple zone between your trailers and following vehicles.

TrailerTail® technology has been independently tested by KARCO Engineering to meet the United States Department of Transportation’s (US DOT) safety requirements regarding visibility of lamps and safety devices as well as impacts and injuries in rear-end collisions.

Seamless Integration.

The TrailerTail® closes effortlessly when the rear doors are opened and latched to the sides of the trailer. The device then opens effortlessly when the rear doors are closed and ready for departure. TrailerTail® technology can also be manually locked in the closed position by your drivers if required.

Deployment Options Driver-Free Operation Stows When Needed To Avoid Collisions Auto Deploy @35 MPH Warning Light On Backup
OneTouch Automatically opens and collapses, push-to-close protection when parked    
ZeroTouch Connects to built-in ABS ECU to automatically deploy TrailerTail®  
AutoDeploy Radar-based speed sensor automatically opens TrailerTail®

ZeroTouch Deployment System

ZeroTouch technology connects directly to the trailer’s built-in ABS ECU to automatically deploy the TrailerTail® rear fairing when the vehicle reaches 35 mph. It requires no additional wiring to the J-box, which means fewer parts, faster installation and easier maintenance.

ZeroTouch is compatible with OEM trailers that use Meritor WABCO InfoLink ABS ECU systems. Fleet owners who want automatic deployment but do not have this type of trailer can still use STEMCO’s radar-based AutoDeploy system.

There are four TrailerTail® models available for use with ZeroTouch technology:

1) TrailerTail® 4x4 w/ ZeroTouch for dry van trailers
2) TrailerTail® 4x4 w/ ZeroTouch for refrigerated trailers
3) TrailerTail® Trident w/ ZeroTouch for dry van trailers
4) TrailerTail® Trident w/ ZeroTouch for refrigerated trailers

TrailerTail ZeroTouch Diagram

AutoDeploy System.

The TrailerTail® AutoDeploy system incorporates speed sensing radar technology that automatically deploys the TrailerTail® when the vehicle reaches 35 mph. The AutoDeploy system features a notification light that indicates whether the TrailerTail® is opened or closed, which protects against damage when the driver is backing up.

Ultra-Flex Panels.

TrailerTail® panels are constructed of an ultra-durable and flexible thermoplastic composite material similar to that used in trailer scuff liners. The material's fibers allow the panels to bend but not break in collisions. The material is also extremely lightweight for minimal payload impact.

Patented Origami System.

One of the key features of STEMCO's TrailerTail® technology is the patented origami folding design. This feature allows the TrailerTail® to hold its rigid shape while deployed and then fold in completely against the trailer doors with little to no interaction from the driver. The TrailerTail® does not "stack-up" when closed against the side of the trailer, allowing the doors to be easily latched to the side of the trailer for unimpeded cargo and dock access.

Cold Weather Performance.

TrailerTail® technology has been proven to operate in all weather conditions with no reduction in performance. The panels repel rain, ice and snow, and do not expand or contract in extreme heat or cold. TrailerTail® technology also streamlines airflow and precipitation, so ice and snow will not accumulate inside the device while driving through a storm. TrailerTail® also reduces road spray for better visibility around the vehicle and increased roadway safety.

Universal Compatibility.

TrailerTail® technology is compatible with all dry van, refrigerated van, drop frame and curtain side trailer models, and can be factory installed on new trailers or easily and quickly retrofitted to an existing fleet. STEMCO offers full service, on-site installation training at your facility with our expert field service technicians to train your staff on TrailerTail® installation and operation best practices. We also provide unlimited remote phone support.


STEMCO is committed to delivering world-class customer support to enable the successful deployment of fuel saving trailer aerodynamics technologies in your fleet.

If you have a question or concern about TrailerTail, please call us at 1-888-283-8245 or email us at

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Learn More About TrailerTail.®

TrailerTail® is designed to do more than improve fuel efficiency. Get the details on how TrailerTail® improves overall fleet performance by visiting our resource pages.

To learn more on how much you can save with TrailerTail®, contact a STEMCO sales representative, or call 888-283-8245.