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QwikeXtract® King Pin Removal System


The King of King Pin Removal Systems.

Safety, speed and power combine to make the all-new STEMCO QwikeXtract® system the most effective and efficient king pin removal device ever. The QwikeXtract system consists of a self-aligning, industrial-strength press that removes king pins faster than other methods and a wheel end cart that positions the entire wheel end away from the work area for ease of service.

Suitable for most wheel end configurations, the QwikeXtract system reduces the potential for injury from falling parts, muscle strain and impacts related to the king pin removal process, while increasing your productivity and bottom line.

Wheel End Cart

The QwikeXtract’s cart allows the operator to quickly remove the entire wheel end assembly – brake drum, hub and their components – can hold wheel ends up to 350 lbs. and supports them safely out of the way while the king pin is replaced.

Powerful Press

The QwikeXtract’s self-aligning, industrial-strength press system optimizes force placement to quickly remove even the most stubborn king pins. Combined with the wheel end support cart, QwikeXtract substantially reduces replacement time and gets your truck back on the road faster.

Features and Benefits

Wheel end cart

  • Convenient - Allows the brake drum, hub and their components to be moved out of the way as a single assembly during the operation
  • Reduces strain - Eliminates operator strain and potential for injury from lifting or falling components
  • Strong - Holds up to 350 lbs
  • Small footprint - Ideal for working in tight spaces
  • Versatile - Interchangeable hub mounts accommodate most wheel end configurations

Hydraulic Press

  • Powerful - Industrial-quality press removes the most stubborn king pins
  • Innovative - Self-aligning design optimizes force placement and direction
  • Efficient - Substantially cuts king pin replacement time
  • Reduces Downtime - Increases productivity, gets truck on the road faster
  • Safe - Increases safety by keeping technician clear of operation
For more information on the QwikeXtract king pin removal system, contact a STEMCO sales representative or find your nearest STEMCO distributor.