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Heavy Duty Bearings

Heavy Duty Truck Bearings

STEMCO Is The Performance And Value Leader For Critical Wheel End Components.

STEMCO is able to supply your wheel bearing needs by providing matched bearing sets offering safety, reliability and performance from a single source.

Wheel Bearings That Meet Today's Market Needs

Through strategic alliances and strong global procurement, STEMCO bearings meet the changing needs of today's market. STEMCO truck bearings are the right mix of performance, convenience and value. Our worldwide network of manufacturing plants is held to the highest quality standards by STEMCO and meets the ABMA specifications for bearing life calculations.

The STEMCO truck bearing product offering includes radial ball bearings, light/medium duty tapered roller bearing sets, clutch release bearings, individual cups and cones, STEMCO Matched Bearing Sets and Platinum Matched Bearing Sets.

For more information on STEMCO Heavy Duty Bearings, contact a STEMCO sales representative, find your nearest STEMCO distributor, or order online.