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Grit Guard® Hub Seal

Grit Guard Wheel Seal

Two-piece Hub Seal design for improved dirt exclusion

Always rough and ready, Grit Guard® hub seal has endured more than forty years of dirty, unfriendly road environments that destroy wheel end components. So with this forty year plus track record of performance, Grit Guard® endures where other hub seals fail, and is still the choice for fleets working in grueling environments.

Two-Piece Wheel Seal Design Protects Against Contamination

Designed to reduce maintenance and prevent unnecessary wear on expensive spindles, the Grit Guard® two-piece hub seal design provides effective and lasting protection against contamination.

A two-piece design, the Grit Guard® wheel seal features a spindle-installed deflector ring. This provides dirt exclusion for extended seal performance and insures a new surface for the sealing lip. The deflector ring can often repair a damaged or worn spindle shoulder.

The hub-installed metal case seal provides a metal-to-metal continuous press fit between the seal and hub. In addition, a blue coating is applied to the seal to prevent minor seepage between the seal and hub.

Survive Severe Duty And Temperature Applications

Grit Guard®'s Elasto-Leather sealing lip provides an excellent temperature range from -65ºF to +250ºF remaining flexible and durable. Also, the lip rotates on the deflector ring for improved heat dissipation and less lip travel per wheel rotation.

Grit Guard® is available for the rugged, severe duty applications that other wheel seals are not available for.

For more information on the Grit Guard® Hub Seal, contact a STEMCO sales representative, find your nearest distributor, or order online.