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Automatic Brake Adjusters

Automatic Brake Adjuster

STEMCO Crewson Brake Adjusters. Designed For Maximum Safety And Convenience.

Reduce Time Spent Under Your Trucks and Increase Safety.

 With STEMCO Crewson Brake Adjusters you'll have an easier time making sure your trucks are up to code and operating safely. Our brake adjusters have been designed with a variety of patented features that only the leading supplier of wheel-end components can provide. These features include:

- Auto-Check™: Patented at-a-glance brake adjustment check
- Cam Guard lubrication system
- Patented Installation Template for error-free installation
- Patented clearance sensing adjustment system
- High strength gearset
- Protective powder coat
- Fail-safe sealing
- Factory pre-greased with high quality semi-synthetic grease


Our patented Auto-Check™ feature allows you to visually determine if brakes are in proper adjustment quickly. This proprietary technology was specifically designed to provide a method of checking the brake stroke without going under the truck.

- Installed on the Automatic Brake Adjuster facing the center of the vehicle to easily see if brake stroke is in a normal range
- Bright yellow pointer and indicator easily corrects set-up position, determines working stroke and determines if brake stroke is past re-adjust limit without crawling under vehicle
- Offers you an extra quality control check

Cam Guard.

Cam-Guard assures that your S-Cam is greased every time you grease the Automatic Brake Adjuster. It delivers great protection for longer life of both your Automatic Brake Adjuster and S-Cam. It works by rerouting excess grease through the S-Cam spline area. This assures that the Automatic Brake Adjuster is not frozen to the S-Cam when it's time for it to be removed. It will slide off every time!

Every STEMCO Crewson Brake Adjuster that leaves our factory is filled with the finest grease available for Automatic Brake Adjuster service. This semi-synthetic formula is custom blended to rigid specifications and contains an advanced additive package. It is compatible with other quality lithium based greases.

Patented Clearance Sensing Adjuster System.

Heavy-duty internal components with a clearance sensing clutch enables your brake system to adjust for hot braking conditions. This patented STEMCO Crewson design protects the adjusting components during normal brake applications when brake adjustment is not required. Over 90% of all brake applications do not require adjustment, so they subject the adjusting components to continuous wear.

The STEMCO Crewson Brake Adjustment System operates like the windshield wipers on your car - it is utilized only when needed, not continuously when the car is running.

- A typical highway vehicle makes about two million brake applications in five years.
- This same vehicle will require the Automatic Brake Adjuster to adjust the brake about 3,000 times.
Figure A shows components disengaged to reduce wear (over 90% of the time).
Figure B shows components engaged during brake adjustment (less than 10% of the time).


STEMCO Crewson Gearsets are designed with our Buttress Gearset. This strong and rugged gearset assures that all STEMCO Crewson Brake Adjusters will stand up to years of service in the harshest conditions and toughest environments. The load rating increased from 22.5k inch pounds to 30k inch pounds by converting from acme threads to buttress threads.


For quick, easy, error-free installation STEMCO Crewson Automatic Brake Adjusters come with our patented, structurally rigid installation guide. This handy and fool-proof guide ensures that even first time users can install the Automatic Brake Adjusters perfectly every time.

Powder Coat.

We've applied a distinctive blue powder coat to the STEMCO Crewson Brake Adjuster. This powder coat protects the Automatic Brake Adjuster from harsh winter driving conditions. It also gives the Automatic Brake Adjuster a distinct appearance that further separates it from the competition and shows that the most advanced Automatic Brake Adjuster on the market is installed on your vehicle.


To better seal the Automatic Brake Adjuster, we've incorporated a variety of features to avoid environmental contamination. The gear is sealed by a system consisting of a Quad Ring on one side and proprietary fail-safe seal on the other. A flexible boot that incorporates four o-ring sealing surfaces protects the lift rod. In addition, an o-ring seal protects the adjusting nut, keeping unwanted elements out.


This warranty is not applicable to failures caused by improper installation, repair, alteration, accidents, abuse, improper use, normal wear and tear. The above is only a partial copy of the warranty. For a complete copy of the warranty, please contact your local STEMCO Crewson distributor. Stemco Crewson reserves the right to modify our warranty policy without notice.

For more information on the Clevis Brake Adjuster, please see the Clevis Literature from the Literature Download page under the Resources tab.

For more information on the STEMCO Crewson Automatic Brake Adjuster, contact a STEMCO sales representative, find your nearest STEMCO distributor, or order online.