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AirBat RF® - TPMS

AirBAT RF tire pressure monitoring sensor

AirBAT RF® Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

The AirBAT RF® tire pressure monitoring system is a state of the art tire pressure monitoring system making use of cutting edge RF technology to save you money. Improved fuel economy, reduced road calls, increased vehicle up time and increased tread life are all within reach for your fleet using the AirBAT tire pressure monitoring system.

Easy To Install And Use.

The tire pressure sensors are simple to install and provide immediate feedback on tire pressure with readily visible LED low pressure indicators. Checking 18 tires can be reduced to a 2-minute drill. When you do find a low tire, the conveniently located fill ports make fishing in the dark for that inner dual valve stem a thing of the past. This saves you time, money and improves safety.

Reduce Costs And Increase Safety.

With the new CSA 2010 requirements, maintaining tire pressures is more important than ever with an increased driver responsibility for tire pressure. Improved fuel efficiency, reduced operating costs, increased tire life and increased safety are just a few of the key benefits you will see using the AirBAT tire pressure monitoring system.


  • Continually monitors tire pressures
  • Adjustable visual alerts for under-inflation
  • Easy access fill ports save time
  • Wireless transmission of pressures Driver Alert System
  • Wide operating temperature and pressure ranges

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