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Aftermarket Platinum Performance System™

Introducing The Industry's Best Aftermarket Wheel End Warranty.

STEMCO's  Aftermarket Platinum Performance System™ is an integrated system of wheel end products and performance. With the Platinum Performance System™, you can extend your wheel end to a three- or five-year limited warranty with unlimited mileage for tractors and trailers. 

Simply The Best.

Benefit from unprecedented product performance with STEMCO's exclusive, patented Guardian® HP or Discover® SealPro-Torq® or Zip-Torq® Advanced Axle Spindle Nut: the incredibly durable Defender Sentinel® Hub Cap or Defender™: and STEMCO Heavy Duty Bearings.

Higher Performance Equals Less Maintenance.

When you specify the Platinum Performance System, you are assured of performance that will protect your fleet and maintenance budget. The unprecedented performance of this STEMCO system will lower your maintenance costs by reducing down-time and protecting your wheel end  components investment.

Additional Warranty Coverage.

If STEMCO new or relined brake shoes are used in conjunction with the Platinum Performance System, lined shoes that have been exposed to oil contamination will be covered or replaced. For STEMCO brakes not covered by the PPS System, the length of the lining warranty against oil contamination will be the warranty period of the STEMCO seal. 

Axle Type Bearing Set Sentinel Hubcaps Defender Sentinel Hubcaps Pro-Torq Seal
12,000 lb. Steer Axle ASET3782-20 356-4024 367-4024 448-4836 308-0836
ASET049-011 366-4024 448-4837 383-0236
"R" Series Drive Axle  ASET594A-92A 356-4119   449-4973 309-0973
ASET580-72 393-0273
TN Trailer Axle ASET248-210 356-4009 367-4009 447-4743 307-0743
ASET049-011   366-4009 373-0243
TP Trailer Axle  ASET445-410 356-4195 367-4195 447-4723 307-0723
348-4195 366-4195 373-0223
For more information on the Platinum Performance System, contact a STEMCO sales representativefind your nearest distributor or order online.