About Us

STEMCO, which stands for Specialized Truck Equipment Manufacturing Company, offers a diverse line of long life products for the commercial vehicle market.  STEMCO is a world class manufacturing corporation with innovative wheel end solutions designed to “make the roadways safer.”  In recent years, STEMCO has deployed an adjacency strategy to broaden our offering of commercial vehicle products with products and solutions that fall within our expertise of providing products and solutions that increase the fleet’s safety and performance expectations.  Since 2008, STEMCO has completed  many acquisitions, joint ventures and/or strategic alliances.

At STEMCO, our products are classified in four major groupings: wheel end products which include seals, fasteners, bearings, hub caps and mileage counters; suspension products which include king pins, spring pins, bushings and polyurethane components;  brake products which include brake shoes, friction, automatic brake adjusters, new lined wheel kits and brake drums; Innovative Tire & Mileage Solutions which include the tire pressure monitoring, automatic tire inflation, and automated mileage collection.

With one of the largest sales forces’ in the commercial vehicle manufacturing industry, STEMCO provides a unique on site, hands on training experience for commercial fleets and repair shops.  Technician certification training in the braking, suspension and wheel end arena, allow STEMCO the ability to work in tandem with the end user to help reduce operating cost and keep our roadways safer for all.  We have laser-like focus on the commercial vehicle industry and we hold ourselves to a Higher Standard of Performance.   

STEMCO core values include trust, training & support and focused innovation.  Trust STEMCO to provide proven fleet tested solutions that outperform the competition.  STEMCO training and support ensures and encourages fleet safety and helps reduce operating cost.  And with over 25 new products released in the last ten years, STEMCO’s focused innovation results in products and solutions designed to “make the roadways safer”.

The STEMCO corporate office is located in Longview, Texas, U.S.A.  We have manufacturing facilities located in Texas, Georgia, Michigan, New York, Tennessee, Kentucky, and China.  We have centralized distribution centers in the U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Australia and China.

STEMCO is a division of EnPro Industries, Inc. (NYSE: NPO), a leader in sealing products, metal polymer bearings, compressor systems and other engineered products for use in critical applications by industries worldwide.

STEMCO High Performance Products:

  • Wheel End oil bath and grease seals
  • Pinion seals
  • Hub Caps
  • Bearings
  • Pro-Torq spindle fasteners
  • Mechanical and electronic mileage counting devices
  • Bat RF electronic tire pressure monitoring & mileage acquisition
  • Aeris automated tire inflation systems
  • King Pin Kits
  • Suspension Products (spring pins, bushings, torque rods, etc)
  • STEMCO APE™ alignment and wheel balancing equipment
  • Brake Products – friction, new brake shoes, brake drums and automatic brake adjusters
  • PPS and PPS+ Long Life Wheel End Systems
  • Wheel end certification training for: brakes, suspension and wheel end


  • Truck & trailer original equipment manufacturers
  • Fleets, repair facilities and owner operators
  • Independent distributors & original equipment service facilities
  • Vocational Markets (Transit bus, School Bus, Refuse, Off-road, construction, etc)


  • Grit Guard®
  • Guardian®  HP
  • Voyager®
  • Discover®
  • Endeavor®
  • Pro-Torq®
  • Sentinel®
  • Data Trac® and Data Trac® Pro
  • Aeris® Automated Tire Inflation
  • BAT RF®
  • STEMCO Kaiser™
  • Qwik Kit™
  • Plus Kit™
  • APE™
  • Econo Kit™
  • LubraFlex®
  • BSA™
  • BSP™
  • STEMCO Brake Products
  • STEMCO Duroline
  • STEMCO New Lined Brake Shoes
  • STEMCO Motor Wheel™
  • STEMCO Crewson™
  • Defender™