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Total Quality Maintenance

STEMCO is committed to a “Higher Standard of Performance” and increased customer value. We recognize the importance of providing customers with detailed product information, installation procedures and failure analysis. What can TQM provide for your company?

  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Less equipment down time
  • Reduced liability exposure
  • Reduced rework cost
  • Safer operating equipment
  • Process control
  • Repeatable quality

A wheel end is not a collection of parts functioning independently; it is a system of interacting wheel end components. Specifically, the hub seal, axle fasteners, hub cap, bearings, and lubricant play an important role in the overall performance of the wheel end. Each wheel end component is interrelated and its performance affects the total system. Using STEMCO parts with fluid lubrication, your wheel end components will not only provide optimum individual performance, they will, together, form a world-class wheel end system.

Quality Wheel End Components Working As An Integral Unit Supported By Trained Professionals.

As a result of five decades of experience in the trucking industry, STEMCO has accumulated product and process knowledge of wheel end systems that will benefit all maintenance professionals. Total Quality Maintenance (TQM) demonstrates how STEMCO products, designed to perform with standard hub and axle configurations combined with sound assemble procedures, can result in exceptional wheel end performance.

As trucking technology has advanced, STEMCO has responded to the needs of the industry. At STEMCO, state-of-the-art equipment duplicates exact road conditions to test seal products and to ensure their durability and performance. STEMCO´s TQM program is designed to maximize your investment in today´s technologically advanced wheel end components, thereby helping the transportation industry achieve the goal of Total Quality Maintenance.

For more information on how STEMCO is committed to TQM and safety, schedule a TQM Onsite Training, read STEMCO's Promise, learn about our Engineering Testing Center, or contact a STEMCO Sales Representative.