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Onsite Training

Onsite fleet and distributor training is provided by STEMCO District Sales Managers at no charge.

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Fleet Training

Contact your local distributor or STEMCO District Sales Manager to schedule onsite wheel end training for your mechanics. Topics covered include:

  • Wheel end tear down
  • Detailed failure analysis of all wheel end components
  • Wheel end component preparation and cleaning

Education of STEMCO Product Offerings

Wheel end assembly

  • Seal and bearing installation
  • TMC bearing adjustment procedures (jam nut assembly)
  • Pro-Torq nut assembly bearing adjustment
  • Wheel end fluid fill levels (grease and oil)
  • Hub cap installation

Steering and Suspension

  • King Pin installation and removal
  • Axle Eye Cleaning and inspection
  • Spindle Cleaning and inspection
  • Proper installation of shims and thrust bearing
  • Proper lubrication of King Pins
  • Spring Pin information 

Brake Products

  • Foundation basics
  • Brake balance
  • Automatic Brake Adjusters 
  • Troubleshooting and inspection 

Distributor Training

Contact your STEMCO District Sales Manager for professional onsite wheel end and product training for your countermen and salesmen. Topics covered include:

Wheel End Component Education

STEMCO District Sales Managers will educate countermen and salemen on how the hub, seal, bearings, nut and hub cap work together as a system.

Education of STEMCO Product Offerings

STEMCO District Sales Managers will provide knowledge that will help the distributor salesmen and countermen determine what the customer needs to fix their problem.

Catalog and Part Number Identification Training

STEMCO District Sales Managers will educate countermen and salemen on how to read the catalog and quickly determine the correct part number for the wheel end application. Additional training on how to use the catalog and Internet references is also available.

Contact STEMCO to schedule Onsite Training.