STEMCO Announces Sale of Trifecta Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly Product Line


Webb Wheel Products to seamlessly continue production as manufactured today


LONGVIEW, Texas (December 21, 2023) – STEMCO, an Enpro company (NYSE: NPO) and manufacturer of heavy-duty components and solutions for commercial vehicles, has announced the sale of its Trifecta™ line of pre-adjusted hub assembly products. The purchaser, Webb Wheel Products, initially partnered with STEMCO to launch Trifecta in 2018. Webb® Wheel will continue production of the Trifecta line as it is manufactured today, using STEMCO products to ensure efficiencies across the production process.


“Trifecta has proven to be an industry-leading wheel-end solution since its launch, and STEMCO is proud of the product we created,” said Drew Coen, Senior Director of Global Marketing for STEMCO. “We are happy it will continue to be available to our fleet customers via Webb and we look forward to a continued partnership on the seals, bearings, and axle fasteners within the product.”


Trifecta, known for its superior contamination and corrosion resistance, combines STEMCO’s high-performance Discover® XR seal, Zip-Torq® axle fastener, precision bearings, and a spacer optimized for lubricant flow within a Webb hub.


“We are proud of what the Trifecta program has become through our partnership with STEMCO,” said PJ Caplan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Webb Wheel Products – OEM. “We look forward to building upon that success as we leverage the industry knowledge, technical expertise, and product innovation at Webb Wheel to take the program to the next level for our customers.”


Orders for Trifecta will be fulfilled as usual through December 31, 2023, and STEMCO will continue to honor all Trifecta warranties as specified. Webb Wheel will begin taking orders on January 8, 2024, to continue to fulfill all customer needs.


For more information on STEMCO, visit their website at


Acerca de STEMCO

STEMCO, an Enpro (NYSE: NPO) company, is a leader in the technology and manufacture of commercial trucking components with the commitment of Making the Roadways Safer®. Based in Longview, Texas, and founded in 1951, STEMCO specializes in wheel end and steering products, including seals, hub caps, bearings, axle fasteners, and king pins. For more information, visit


About Webb Wheel

Webb Wheel Products, Inc., headquartered in Cullman, Alabama, manufactures hubs, brake drums, and rotors for medium and heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and buses. Webb Wheel is a Marmon | Berkshire Hathaway company. Marmon Transportation Products supports the highway transportation industry worldwide with a wide range of high-quality products and services. For more information, visit



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