STEMCO Earns Top 20 Product Award from Heavy Duty Trucking


Auto-Torq™ esteemed for improving safety, streamlining wheel end installation


We are honored to announce that Heavy Duty Trucking has officially chosen Auto-Torq as one of its Top 20 Products for 2024. Eligible products were reported on by HDT’s editors in print or digital products during calendar year 2023. Award recipients were chosen by a three-person panel of the trucking industry’s most experienced editors, with the help of a panel of fleet representatives drawn from HDT’s Editorial Advisory Board, HDT Truck Fleet Innovators, and HDT Emerging Leaders.


Products were selected based on how well they address the following criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Ability to address industry issues
  • Potential to help fleets’ bottom lines


Introduced to the market early last year, Auto-Torq is a revolutionary axle fastener that eliminates the need for complex processes and specialty tools. It securely applies the optimum clamp load on the bearings every time to minimize wear and maximize service life.


To learn more or to see the full list of award winners, visit

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