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King Pins, Spring Pins, and Bushings

QwikKit BSA Spring Pin Bushing

Proven long life spiral steel bushing for use with our BSP™ Pin. When used together, the grooved pin and sealed bushing assemblies will provide up to three times the life compared to the OE spring pins and bushings. This combination offers; easier greasing and ease of installation when used with our unique install tools.

Spring Pin


Provide 300% more grease between pin and bushing. This is a proven long life sprial steel bushing.

With the grease grove design it provides a NO-REAM installation creating a perfect fit and installation in half the time.

Our parts are made in the USA and tested to failure, then they are extensively road tested in a real-world environment. The result is a level of reliability and performance that leads the industry and keep you on the road for up 1,000,000 miles.

The BSA pin is precision made to fit the exact application with any bushing. Our BSA bushings provide a NO-REAM installation and utilizing our impact driver tool make bushing installations even easier.

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