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Trifecta™ Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly by STEMCO

Our all-new Trifecta™ Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly combines premiere STEMCO wheel technologies with the trusted Webb® wheel hub in a single pre-adjusted assembly, ensuring a faster and more secure installation.

Trifecta™ Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly Installation

See our step-by-step installation guide for your new Trifecta™ Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly. Use this video as a how-to guide for installing your Trifecta.

Customer Reviews for Trifecta™

Hear what these customers have to say about Trifecta™ Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly after putting it to the test by running it on rigs non-stop, putting it through extremely hot summers and sending it out in freezing cold temperatures.

How to Install AirBAT RF®

The AirBAT RF® tire pressure monitoring system is a state-of-the-art tire pressure monitoring system that makes use of cutting-edge RF technology. View our step-by-step guide to installing an AirBAT RF system.

QWIKTIE® Tie Rod Assembly by STEMCO

Replace, don’t repair, damaged tie rod cross-tubes regardless of their length with the new QWIKTIE® rod assembly. 

STEMCO QwikeXtract® in Two Minutes

Safety, speed and power combine to make the all-new QwikeXtract® system, the most effective and efficient king pin removal device ever. Check it out.

STEMCO QwikeXtract® System Assembly

Follow our step-by-step assembly video to put together your QwikeXtract® system with ease.


Introducing our latest innovation: Zip-Torq® is a fully unitized single piece axle fastener designed to be the safest and easiest to install spindle nut in the industry.

Lunar™ and Lunar™ HP Air Disc Brake Pads

Introducing Lunar™ and Lunar™ HP brake pads; your solution for heat dissipation, durability and wear performance.

Choose Genuine CentriFuse®. Choose Blue.

With its exceptional safety, durability, weight savings, balance and performance, Genuine Centrifuse® technology has made STEMCO® the leader in commercial brake drums for the last 87 years.

Innovative Products Help Make the Roadways Safer

At STEMCO, we're focused on creating innovative wheel end, brake, and suspension products to "make the roadways safer" while ensuring reliable operations and reducing maintenance costs.

Seven Year Wheel End System

Our PPS+7 provides premium long-life products that work together as a system to ensure the most comprehensive wheel end performance available and are also considered the best warranty in the business.


Considered the best warranty in the business, our PPS+7 provides premium long-life products that work together as a system to ensure the most comprehensive wheel end performance available.

STEMCO Pinion Seal Installation

See our step-by-step guide for installing a STEMCO Pinion Seal. Use this video as a how-to guide for installing a pinion seal.

Pro-Torq® 2-1-1 Installation

See our detailed Pro-Torq® 2-1-1 installation procedures.

Zip-Torq® 211 Instructions

See our Zip-Torq® detailed 2-1-1 installation procedure.

Proper Brake Installation Procedure

The four key components of proper brake installation include removal, inspection, installation and adjustment.

Crewson ABA Installation

Follow our step-by-step guide video to properly install the Crewson Automatic Brake Adjuster.

Aeris® Installation Video

STEMCO Aeris Installation Training Video

Continually Monitor Tire Pressure With Aeris® by STEMCO

STEMCO's Aeris automatic tire inflation system is designed to continuously monitor tire pressure allowing fleet managers to properly maintain tire pressure, prevent premature tire failures and maximize fuel economy.

STEMCO – Aeris and Aeris SmartSense®

Fleet managers across the country have installed Aeris® by STEMCO to improve performance, reduce maintenance related expenses and increase the safety of their fleet.

STEMCO Total Quality Maintenance Training

STEMCO can bring their mobile classroom to your site to ensure technicians receive the best training possible.

How to Install a STEMCO TrailerTail®

A step-by-step guide to installing a STEMCO TrailerTail 4x4 on a drive van trailer with rear swing doors. Our TrailerTails for semi truck trailers increases fuel efficiency by 5.5% and improves stability and visibility, increasing both safety and peace of mind.

TrailerTail® in Two Minutes

At STEMCO, we’re continuously working to increase fuel efficiency across the board. Our innovative TrailerTail® significantly reduces aerodynamic drag and reduces fuel consumption by more than 5.5%.

TrailerTail® Operation – 4x4

TrailerTail® units can be installed in under an hour and require minimal driver interaction to operate. They can be opened and closed either automatically or manually.

TrailerTail® AutoDeploy

Proprietary speed-sensing radar technology gives TrailerTail® the ability to deploy automatically when your truck reaches 35 mph. A notification light lets you know if TrailerTail™ is deployed.

TrailerTail® Testing

TrailerTail® underwent extensive fuel efficiency testing to perfect its design, ensure compliance with industry standards and help reduce fuel consumption.

TrailerTail® Customers

Hear from customers who have invested in TrailerTail® technology and see how their fleets are saving thousands of dollars in fuel costs every year.

TrailerTail® Winter Durability

Harsh winter weather, including snow and ice, is no problem for the TrailerTail® thanks to our innovative and durable design.

TrailerTail® Maintenance

At STEMCO, we know that downtime is costly. See why TrailerTail® technology is so durable and reliable requiring minimal maintenance.

TrailerTail® vs. Skirts

Both the STEMCO TrailerTail® and EcoSkirt™ have a significant impact on reducing aerodynamic drag and improving fuel economy. Hear from our customers as they compare the two.

TrailerTail® Trident Installation

Our TrailerTail® can increase fuel efficiency by 5.5% and improves stability and visibility, increasing both safety and peace of mind. This video is a step-by-step guide to help you install the Trident model.

Aerodynamics 101

Reduce drag, improve fuel efficiency and increase safety with TrailerTail® by STEMCO.

QwikKit® Training Video

STEMCO®  continues Making The Roadways Safer™ with world class training videos like this video on King pin training.