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It’s more than the sum of its parts. See what sets the Trifecta™ Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly apart from other wheel hubs.

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The Trifecta Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly provides safety, performance and confidence by combining premiere STEMCO® wheel end technologies with the trusted Webb® hub in a single, pre-adjusted assembly for a faster and more secure installation. It eliminates the need to purchase, install and adjust separate wheel end components and fasteners while minimizing downtime and maximizing reliability.

See how much you save by replacing your complete wheel end system versus rebuilding component by component with our Trifecta ROI Calculator.

Features and Benefits

1. Discover® XR Wheel Seal

Four-zone labyrinth and slinger provide unmatched contamination prevention. No pre-lube required, eliminating the industry’s #1 cause of seal failure

2. Spacer

Designed for optimized lube flow, reduces potential for fret corrosion

3. STEMCO Bearings

No bearing adjustment needed, exceeds ABMA performance and durability standards

4. Zip-Torq® Axle Fastener

Self ratcheting feature prevents inadvertent back-offs, no clips, keepers or set screws to install

5. Webb Wheel Hub

Lightweight yet durable, thoroughly tested for fatigue, durability and corrosion resistance 

6. Defender ESP Hub Cap

100% corrosion free materials, and state of the art plug technology complete the system

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The fast and simple Trifecta Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly installation process ensures safety, confidence and performance.

The Trifecta Pre-Adjusted Hub Assembly has changed the way real STEMCO customers approach wheel end installation.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What is Trifecta?

Trifecta is a pre-adjusted hub assembly - STEMCO's latest commercial vehicle wheel end innovation launched in 2018. The assembly combines STEMCO's high performance Discover XR seal, the revolutionary Zip-Torq axle fastener, precision bearings, a spacer optimized for lubricant flow, and the Defender ESP hubcap, all housed in a precision machined hub. The combination of these premier components ensures mistake proof installation and less downtime; providing fleets the Trifecta of SAFETY, PERFORMANCE, AND CONFIDENCE.

What does pre-adjusted mean?

Pre-adjusted hubs eliminate the need for bearing adjustment. The precision manufactured bearings, spacer and hub provide a fixed dimensional distance between the inner and outer bearings eliminating the need to manually adjust the bearings. A torque wrench must be used to set the axle fastener according to the pre-adjusted hub manufacturers recommended torque setting, with no backing off the nut.

What tools do I need to install the Trifecta hub?

The only tools needed are a torque wrench and socket. Please download the Zip-Torq installation instructions or see the back of the Zip-Torq box for socket sizes.

Where can I buy service hub assemblies or components?

Trifecta hub assemblies and components can be ordered through the independent aftermarket or original equipment dealers. For more information contact your STEMCO distributor, local STEMCO sales person, or call 1-800-527-8492. In Canada, call 1-877-232-9111.

What are the service intervals?

The recommended service intervals are detailed in STEMCO’s Tech Tip #21 and TMC’s RP 631.

Which lubricants are approved with the Trifecta pre-adjusted hub?

The list of approved lubricants can be found in STEMCO’s Tech Tip #34.

Why does the spacer have holes?

The STEMCO patent pending spacer is designed with six center holes allowing lubricant to reach the mating surfaces between the interior diameter of the bearings and the spindle. The improved lubricant flow prevents fretting and associated corrosion from lubricant contamination, increasing bearing, seal and spindle life. Traditional spacers are solid and tend to block lubricant flow to the mating surfaces, potentially leading to fretting corrosion and frozen hubs.

Can I remove the spacer?

Yes, the spacer can be removed. If the spacer is removed, the bearings must be adjusted manually following TMC RP 618 procedures. Please refer to STEMCO’s Tech Tip #50 for more information.

What are half stand bearings?

Half stand bearings are precision bearings manufactured to a tighter tolerance than standard bearings. They are used in pre-adjusted hub assemblies to eliminate the need for manual bearing adjustment. STEMCO’s half stand bearings can be identified with the prefix HS. Bearing cups and cones are a matched set and must be replaced as a set. Only STEMCO half stand bearings are approved for the Trifecta pre-adjusted hub assembly.

What is GlideLock?

GlideLock is a patent pending feature on the ID (interior diameter) of the Discover XR (Extreme Runtime) seal. GlideLock significantly reduces the installation load on the seal, which helps maintain the integrity of the sealing lips during hub mounting and reduces the potential for heat generation and cocked seals.

Does the Discover XR seal require pre-lubrication?

The Discover XR seal’s GlideLock technology is designed to perform with or without pre-lubrication, eliminating one of the industry’s leading causes of seal failure—heat.

Will the STEMCO components work in a non-Trifecta hub?

The Discover XR seal and the Zip-Torq axle fastener can be used in any commercially available wheel end. The STEMCO spacer is designed to work only in a Trifecta pre-adjusted hub assembly.

Can I use a Pro-Torq axle fastener with my Trifecta hub?

The Trifecta hub comes standard with the Zip-Torq axle fastener. However, Pro-Torq can be used with the system, replacing Zip-Torq during routine maintenance.

Can I use Pro-Torq or Zip-Torq axle fasteners with other pre-adjusted hubs?

Yes. Pro-Torq and Zip-Torq can be installed with other brands of pre-adjusted hubs. Please refer to the hub manufacturer’s torque recommendations for proper axle fastener torque specifications.

Are STEMCO hub caps required with the Trifecta hub?

Yes. To ensure lubricant integrity and proper venting in long life wheel end systems, and to maintain the STEMCO warranty, the Trifecta hub requires STEMCO Defender or aluminum hub caps with STEMCO’s ESP or Sentinel technology.

Can I convert the Trifecta hub to a manually adjusted hub?

Yes, the spacer can be removed and the bearings can be adjusted manually following TMC 618 procedures. Please refer to STEMCO’s Tech Tip #50 for more information.

What are the axle fastener torque specs for the Trifecta hub assembly?

The Zip-Torq axle fastener torque specifications in a Trifecta hub are 200 lb/ft for the steer and drive axles. Simply torque the nut to 200 lb / ft and spin the hub one full rotation. Repeat two additional times. Do not back off the nut.

Where can I get more information?

Please visit the Trifecta product page or call 1-800-527-8492 for more information. In Canada, call 1-877-232-9111.

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