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Voyager® Wheel Seal

Voyager wheel seal

Revolutionary Hub-Installed Unitized Wheel Seal That Will Minimize Your Maintenance Costs.

The Voyager® wheel seal is designed for regional route trucks, city delivery and coach applications. Rugged design, simple installation and proven performance make Voyager® the right choice for fleets looking for a superior brake job-to-brake job seal. In the everyday stop-and-go traffic environment these vehicles experience, the Voyager® wheel seal is the best value.

Easier And Faster Installations.

The Voyager® wheel seal features a bonded rubber OD and piloted entry ensuring an easy and square installation. The ribbed rubber OD also forms a superior seal between the seal case and the hub bore. STEMCO's unique seal tool ribs ensure the proper hub bore alignment preventing improper installation into the hub.

Reduce Premature Failures And Rework.

The Voyager® wheel seal utilizes a 4-zone labyrinth contaminant exclusion system. This technology is incorporated into a fully-unitized hub-installed seal.

Avoid Seal Damage Upon Installation.

The Voyager® wheel seal's double steel case construction allows positive hub installation without warping or bending the seal.

Increase Reliability Through Superior Material And Design.

The temperature-resistant nitrile polymer with hydrodynamic "pumping" features keeps the lubricant where it is intended to be.

Eliminate "Pry-Bar" Removal And Adjacent Component Damage.

The Voyager® wheel seal's bonded rubber ID and OD allow for easier removal, yet STEMCO's patented anti-rotation "SMART" features lock the ID surface in place.

For more information on the Voyager® Wheel Seal, contact a STEMCO sales representative, find your nearest distributor, or order online.