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Unitized Pinion Seals

Unitized Pinion Seals

Technologically Advanced Sealing Solutions.

Easy Installation.

The single piece, unitized pinion design is installed in one step using the yoke bolt or nut to install seal.

Repair Sleeves Not Required.

The unitized pinion design incorporates a wear ring to provide an ideal running surface for the sealing lip, thus eliminating the need for repair sleeves that often change the seal lip angle during operation, resulting in reduced life.

Eliminate Yoke Wear.

Sealing lips are contained in a manner that prevents yoke surface contact from the lip. New yokes will remain new at the sealing point.

Repair "Grooved" Yokes.

The patented "SMART" features of STEMCO's Unitized Pinion Seal make most yokes reusable due to the wide contact area of the ID.

Eliminate Leak Paths.

Bore sealant on the OD and the wide contact area on the ID eliminate leak paths to avoid premature failures.

Reduce Contamination Failures.

To promote long life, a labyrinth path with multiple dust lips prevents contamination ingress into the sealing lip and oil.

Long-Life Performance.

Fluoroelastomer rubber on the main sealing lip withstands the high heat consistent with pinion seal applications.

For more information on STEMCO Unitized Pinion Seals, contact a STEMCO sales representative, find your nearest STEMCO distributor, or order online.