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Super Cushion® Rolling Lobe Air Springs

Rolling Lobe Air Springs

The Highest Quality Commercial Air Suspension Products.

Designed For Safety, Productivity And Long Life.

STEMCO Super Cushion® air springs give your trucks, trailers and buses a new high in safety, productivity and long life. Our rolling robe air springs provide constant-level hauling and deliver trouble-free service.

Improve Safety And Driver Comfort.

Super Cushion® air ride springs offer a quiet, cushioned ride that helps improve driver comfort by reducing fatigue, which keeps them more alert. On rough roads, vehicles with STEMCO Super Cushion® rolling lobe air bags bounce less than those with steel springs, helping drivers remain in control. Plus, cargo stays safer with improved protection from shock and vibration.

Reduce Downtime And Maintenance.

Constant vibrations transferred to a tractor, bus or trailer by steel springs can speed up wear to electrical components, lights, instruments, cabs, bodies, axles, transmissions, tire and all trailer hardware. Super Cushion® air springs isolate these vibrations to help keep vehicles out of the shop longer.

Better Clearance, Loading And Unloading.

When used with leveling valves, STEMCO Super Cushion® ride springs maintain consistent trim regardless of the load. This means clearance heights remain constant, and that trailer floors are flush with loading dock floors for ease of loading and unloading.

Ideal Applications

  • Ride springs for trucks, trailers and buses
  • Actuators and isolators for industrial applications

Key Benefits:

  • Reinforced design
  • Thicker bead plate design
  • Corrosion-preventative coatings
  • Superior ozone resistance
  • High temperature rated cab springs
  • Exceptional strength and performance
  • Lighter weight
  • Non-elongated bracket bimples