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Discover® Wheel Seal

Discover Wheel Seal

Hub-Installed Unitized Design High Performance
Minimizing Costs Through Extended Service Intervals.

Discover® wheel seals are designed for the long haul carrier seeking high performance wheel end components. Discover® seals are an excellent choice for fleets running outboard-mounted brake drums that allow brake changes without seal replacement. The long life characteristics of this wheel seal, proven in testing that exceeds competitive products' performance by five times, make it the industry choice for performance driven fleet managers.

Increase The Performance Expectations Of Wheel Ends.

The Discover® wheel seal features a high temperature elastomeric co-polymer sealing element combined with Teflon®. The revolutionary design incorporates hydrodynamic "pumping" features to keep the lubricant where it is intended to be.

Maintain The Lubricant's Integrity To Lengthen The Life Of The Seal.

The premium sealing element is protected by a four-zone labyrinth to provide unmatched contaminant exclusion and performance.

Have Complete Confidence During The Installation Stage.

The Discover® wheel seal's piloted entry allows an easy and square installation every time. The double steel case is the impact point for the tool head to maintain the internal geometries.

Reduce Removal Time And Effort Without Special Tools Or Component Damage.

The Discover® seal consists of a bonded, ribbed rubber OD and ID for easier removals, yet STEMCO's patented "SMART" anti-rotation features insure positive positioning and locking of the seal to the spindle.

For more information on the Discover® Wheel Seal, contact a STEMCO sales representative, find your nearest distributor or order online.