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CREST XL® Brake Lining (20K)

Crest XL brake lining for trucks

Extra Brake Life Choice For Demanding Highway Applications.

Whether you're driving an over-the-road truck, tractor or trailer, this unique brake lining is perfect for moderate to heavy-duty long-haul applications. Crest XL® Brake Lining exceeds the performance of the competition in the same category due to its superior formulation.

- Medium friction asbestos-free brake block
- Glass-acrylic-based fiber
- Excellent brake drum compatibility and friction stability
- Low sensitivity to speed and temperature
- Low thermal expansion provides great compatibility with automatic slack adjusters
- 20,000 lb. moderate- to heavy-duty applications
- Ideal for over-the-road trucks, tractors and trailers
- Brake performance and brake lining exceeds the competition in the same category

Dynamometer Test Parameters:

Axle rating 20,000 lbs.
Brake size 16.5 x 7 in.
AL factor 30 x 5.5
Rolling radius 19.6 in.


Specific gravity 1.88
Gogan hardness 27


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