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Bare Steel

Bare Steel Brake Shoes

Rome Heavy Duty is an innovative force in the brake shoe industry with such ideas as deeper anchor slots and cam roller openings for reduced wear and movement.

Another innovation is our patented B-LOCK system that is a cost effective rust prevention technology that adds life to the brake shoe table.

The latest addition to our exceptional brake shoe line is the installation of a cathodic electrocoat paint system. With Cathodic e-coat we will be able to improve the appearance of our brake shoes with excellent paint adhesion while achieving superior corrosion, chemical and fluid resistance. The coverage cathodic e-coat provides is unmatched in the current brake shoe market. Our automotive quality cathodic e-coated brake shoe has maximum protection against corrosion and is able to achieve ultimate performance in even the harshest conditions.

We guarantee a superb product at a competitive price, and with an inventory of over 100,000 brake shoes we also guarantee prompt service. We are setting the benchmark for quality, performance and durability in the brake shoe industry. We want you to benefit from this standard so you in turn can be the benchmark for servicing your customers.